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transmission repair charlotte nc shop 8521Diagnosing your car’s problem might not be easy for you since a car engine is a really complex machine. If you are having transmission problems, it can be even more difficult to spot them. However, the fact is that transmission of your car is subjected to more wear and tear than any other engine component, making transmission problems a very common occurrence in vehicles.

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Transmission problems can be difficult to diagnose, but we can help! Bring your vehicle in to Twin Transmission for one of our expert transmission mechanic’s to inspect and diagnose the transmission problem. (Click here to visit us.) 

Since transmission repairs and rebuilding can be very inconvenient, you should always look out for signs of trouble so that you can spot transmission problems well in time before they get worse. Here are the three most common transmission problems that usually occur:

Red Fluid Leaks

The easiest problem that can be identified in a transmission is a fluid leak and this can be repaired quite quickly. However, if you let the fluid leak, it will eventually break down your transmission. The Automatic Transmission Fluid is bright red, smells slightly sweet, and can be recognized easily in case of a leak. Since the amount of ATF in a vehicle is low, it needs to be repaired immediately. So, the moment you spot a leak, get it repaired right away.

Lack of Response

If your car is not moving backwards or forwards, or if it isn’t going into gear, that is a clear indication of a transmission problem. This issue can persist in both manual and automatic transmission and requires proper repairs right away. There might be issues with the transmission fluid or the clutch linkage that might be causing this issue.

Noises While Driving

If your car is having transmission troubles, the most noticeable indication you would have is the strange noises that come while driving. Drivers usually experience a humming, clunking or whining sound, all of which indicate that your transmission is in trouble. These noises indicate that the transmission is facing trouble when the gears are being changed. Initially, it can be a relatively inexpensive repair but if you ignore it, it can get very expensive.

So, if you see any of these signs in your vehicle, it might be because your transmission is not working properly and you need to get proper repairs right away. Avoid costly transmission repairs by catching these problems first when they start! Leaving minor transmission problems unattended can cause them to develop into expensive transmission repairs or rebuilds. Call us today at 704-821-3460 if you are in need of a transmission repair or transmission diagnosis.