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honda transmission repair in charlotte ncIf there is some trouble with your Honda transmission going on, you need to see what these problems are, and what you can do to avoid them.  Twin Transmission Repair has been serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for over 30 years. As the #1 expert in Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild, we can help you with any transmission problem you face! 🙂

While there are several different types of transmission issues that occur in cars, here are the top three issues that are reported more in Honda vehicles:

Quality of Ball Bearing

One of the most major transmission issues with some Honda vehicle models is the use of a weak ball bearing. In many instances, the ball bearing completely breaks down, scattering and spreading around the transmission housing itself. The broken fragments of this ball bearing then clogs the transmission fluid lines and results in several dangerous consequences such as causing the gear to stop working or making the car to slip on the road.


In some Honda models, the problem of overheating also persists in higher gears. The gears often heat up due to high friction and would cause the gear to lock up and not work at all. This would leave you unable to drive your car until you get it repaired properly. Many people have tried to overcome this problem by putting in more fluid in the vehicle, but this has turned out to be ineffective in solving the problem.

Clutch-Pack Durability

There are certain other commonly reported gear issues with the Honda vehicles. Gears wear out extremely quickly while the debris gets stuck in the transmission fluid lines. Automatic down-shifting between gears is also reported by some Honda drivers. All these issues make it quite difficult for you to drive your vehicle since the gear would get stuck and the car wouldn’t function.

Although Honda has made several attempts to fix these transmission problems, they are still reported in even the latest Honda models. There are even other common transmission issues that the users might face such as fluid leaks and strange noises while driving.

In order to ensure that your beloved Honda runs smoothly, it is important to maintain your vehicle and look for repair solutions right away when the transmission starts giving you trouble. Avoid costly transmission repairs by having your transmission maintenanced on a regular basis.

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