Chevy Transmission Repair in Charlotte NC The transmission in your Chevy (GMC) should last for at least 60,000 miles. However, if your vehicle was abused (driven harshly) or the transmission fluid levels were not kept at proper levels, then you may end up with a transmission that fails prematurely. This is true whether your Chevy (GMC) has a manual or automatic transmission. There are many warning signs that your Chevy (GMC) transmission is going to fail or is in need […]

What is the difference between a rebuilt transmission vs used transmission? Can I save more money? Many car owners have to deal with broken transmissions. This is something that occurs on almost every car sooner or later. This is never an appealing proposition, since a faulty transmission can’t be ignored and at the same time isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to fix. When a transmission goes bad, it may need a simple repair or if the problem is severe, it […]

Free Download: Car Maintenance Guide for 2011

Each year hundreds of thousands of people make New Year’s resolutions to maintain their vehicle better. To help you keep that New Year’s resolution, download and use this Free Vehicle Maintenance Guide. This Guide will help you maintain your vehicle and keep it running at its best performance this year (and for many more years to come). Not only are all these tips Budget-Savvy and virtually Hassle-Free, but these tips will also help you avoid costly or possibily major repairs in the future. […]

Rebuilt Transmission Prices in Charlotte NC

So you think you have a Transmission problem… Car won’t move? Check Engine Light on? Trouble Shifting Gears? These are all common symptoms of a transmission problem. That means you may need a transmission repair or possibily a complete transmission overhaul, called a “Transmission Rebuild”. First..What are my Options? Rebuilt Transmission Vs Used Transmission There are many benefits to a Rebuilt Transmission vs Used Transmission: 1) A Rebuilt Transmission has all new internal parts (although it still remains in the […]

Transmission Rebuild Cost in Charlotte NC

So you know the symptoms of a transmission problem — gears aren’t shifting right, there may even be missing gears, or the car doesn’t even want to move. Now what you do? What is a Transmission Rebuild and what is the average transmission rebuild cost in Charlotte NC? Twin Automotive, the Transmission King of Charlotte, is here to explain everything to you. Transmission Rebuild – Diagnosis & Complaint First off, you need to determine if the problem you have with […]