Causes and Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid is probably caused when the fluid is burning in excess or is leaking. Other than that, low transmission fluid levels can also be caused when the fluid flushes away its lubricating properties.

If the transmission fluid has a burnt odor and is dark, it needs to be changed. A fresh liquid should be bright and clear red. The color of the liquid can be identified using the rod which will give off a burnt odor and will have a dark brown color.

The best way to ensure that your car has good transmission fluid, it is important to review it every month. If you’re not sure about how to go about fixing the problem, you should probably head over to a mechanic.

The easiest way to determine why the automatic transmission fluid is leaking is to look at the garage floor and see if there is a pink or red liquid leaking. The color of the transmission fluid is different than of the engine oil. Engine oil is black, and transmission fluid is red.

Fluid leakage can occur in the transmission’s drain hole or the tube base. The selector shaft that connects the shift lever to the transmission can also be a source of leakage of your car’s transmission fluid. So it’s best if you keep a close watch over your car’s health instead of complacently driving it around.

Low levels of transmission fluids can become a cause of concern and may also entail adverse effects on your car’s health. So before you are compelled to take your car to a mechanic and spend a good amount of dollars to resurrect your broken car, it’s better to spend small amounts on a regular basis to ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle. If you have needs that your car caters to, your car has needs that you should cater to as well. Contact Twin Charlotte today.

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