How to Tell If You Have a Transmission Leak

Owning a car is a great thing. Nevertheless, it comes with its own set of problems as well. Auto problems can range from something simple to a frustratingly complex problem that can occasionally baffle even some of the most experienced transmission mechanics. One of the most common transmission problems is a transmission fluid leak. There are many reasons why a transmission leak may occur but telling whether you have one can be daunting.

The most common transmission leak can be identified by an oily as well as dark or black fluid. In most cases, this fluid is usually engine oil. If you note this kind of fluid on your driveway or parking, you need to check your car’s engine oil level by removing the oil dipstick and measure the fluid level. Refill your oil accordingly and observe its level after the next few days. If you find that the oil level has dropped, it is advisable that you seek a leak inspection specialist.

If you note some oily and red leakage, the chances are that you are losing your transmission fluid. Inspect your transmission fluid level, top it up and observe after a couple of days. If you realize the levels have dropped, it is important to get in touch with your mechanic to avoid any damage that could result from low transmission fluid levels.

A transmission leak can also be indicated by the presence of a clear and oily fluid. If you observe this kind of leak, the chances are that you are losing your brake fluid. If left unattended, it can result in a serious brake failure that can jeopardize your life.

The performance of a vehicle depends on how well you maintain the transmission fluid. Early detection transmission fluid leaks can go a long way in averting serious transmission problems.  Contact Twin Transmission today for more information.

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