The Pros and Cons of Repairing Your Transmission

Once in a while as a car owner, you will need to have some things fixed on your car, such as a transmission repair. This article is about the pros and cons of a transmission repair. It was decided to be a writer all just because there are car owners who do not know the difference between one from the other. Not all drivers are mechanics, and so it’s important that even if you can’t fix your car to save your life, at least you would know the difference between the two.

Transmission Repair or Overhaul

When your car transmission requires an overhaul, you have the choice to either have it removed will repair and put back in, or you can replace your existing unit with another kind. One that has already been rebuilt as well, and hope that it will work.

Professional mechanics, however, will advise you that it is never wise to put in a used transmission into your car. The reason being is that used transmission might have histories that are questionable and will just create a whole lot of new headaches for you. Rumors circulate however in the automobile mechanic industry that new transmission they say is just secondary transmission that has already been re-manufactured.

If the repair cost is the main issue of the owner, it is understandable. However, the cost of transmission repairs also varies. You just have to find a good transmission specialist. Someone who will not charge you as much as they want your automobile to be in top condition once again. If you can be given an installment payment option, then it would be great! As much as possible, you can try to avoid transmission repairs at any given time if anything at all.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

As was mentioned earlier transmission repair is costly. But just to identify the pros and cons between the two here are some of it:


You can be able to replace your transmission with a new one.

Once successful, it’s like having a brand new car all over again.

Once successful, it’s worth it!


Complicated and highly technical.

Determining the cause why you have to do so is tricky.

Some parts are not accessible therefore presenting challenges for the mechanic and the owner.

Now that we have discussed a bit about the pros and cons, the decision whether to do a transmission replacement is in your hands. It is suggested that when it comes to your ride, it would be best that you determine first if your car really needs some overhauling. If the damage is minor, try to have some parts be taken care of first before deciding to have an overhaul. It’s a better alternative than having to alter the whole thing. Otherwise, you will just be dealing with a whole lot of other uglies that could get a lot worse than it was founded.

Unless needing a transmission is in between life and death, then go for it! Otherwise, just keep it simple.  Contact Twin Transmission today for more information.

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