Top Signs that You Need Transmission Fluid in Your Car

You drive your car, you put gas in it, and you even know how to change the oil when it’s needed, but when it comes to the transmission, you know nothing. If you feel that your car might need transmission fluid, then you might want to take it in for an inspection. Until then, however, read on below for some of the top signs that your car might just need transmission fluid.

Shifting Gears is Hard

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual shift, it has to change gears in order to go down the road. With an automatic transmission, you will find that it jerks and shifts harder if the transmission fluid is low. With a stick shift, you might have a hard time getting it to change from one gear to another. If you let this go, it will blow up your transmission, and no number of repairs will fix it.

Slipping Gears

When your transmission fluid is low, it lets grit and grime into your transmission and stops it from shifting the right way. This can cause the car to slip out of gear now and then without warning. Not only is this bad for your car, but it’s not safe for you or your passengers either.

Grinding and Squealing

Grinding and squealing noises when you shift gears is not only disturbing, it’s a sign that your transmission needs to be taken into the shop to find out if the transmission fluid is indeed low or you need transmission repairs instead. The best thing to do is find out for sure. Never ignore these signs that something is wrong with your transmission because it will only get worse.

These are just a few of the signs that your transmission fluid is low. Take your car to the experts at Twin Transmission to know for sure!

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