What is the Difference Between a New and Used Transmission?

When you have to choose between buying a new or a used transmission, things can get a little tricky. Read on below for some help.

A new transmission, of course, provides the best in performance and being reliable. A new transmission is the most effective way to get your car back on the road with the best results and performance. Everything will run smoothly once again. There will be no grinding noises to deal with or a clutch that slips going down the road, and a new transmission comes with a three-year warranty as well.

When it comes to a used transmission, any suppliers don’t offer warranties, so you honestly have no way of knowing what type of transmission you are getting or what shape it’s in. Also, if you have problems with it, there is no way to recoup your money from the seller.

You may have trouble with used transmission, with everything from the gears slipping to the transmission grinding as you drive down the road, once you have had the transmission for a couple of months. Some people feel that buying a used transmission can save them money, but in the end, they have to pay for a new transmission anyway.

When you buy used, you get what you pay for and many times what you pay for doesn’t end up being the best thing for you. If you want to be assured that you are getting the transmission that works best for your make and model of car, buy new today.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of buying new over used. Do your research, take your time, and you will see new is better!

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