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2003 honda pilot transmission repair charlotte ncThe Honda Pilot is a high quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can experience serious problems (with the engine, brakes, electrical system or transmission). Over the years, Honda transmissions have become more complicated and parts such as the clutch, flywheel and torque converter–all which can fail regardless of your driving habits. The 2003 Honda Pilot is one of the worst years for transmission problems than any other year Honda Pilot. Learn the top major transmission symptoms and what you can do to prevent transmission problems for your Honda Pilot:

Top Signs of Transmission Problems for the Honda Pilot:

1) Torque converter is making noises:

A torque converter will make the most noise when the vehicle is placed in gear and the wheels held stationary. This is because the turbine is held stationary while the housing is spinning from engine rotation (working the bearing); while in park and neutral the noise is gone because the whole unit is spinning. This noise usually decreases as the vehicle begins rolling forward. A restricted or clogged transmission filter will also make the same whining noise in a transmission pump. A transmission pump makes noise in all gears and is directly related to engine speed.
If you are hearing noises or sounds, you need to have your vehicle and transmission inspected and the transmission problem diagnosed. Sometimes noises can be mistaken for other vehicle problems. Twin Charlotte has been diagnosing transmission and auto problems for over 30 years. Local to the Charlotte area? Call us at 704-821-3460 for your transmission repair diagnosis.


2) “O/D” light blinking
What does a blinking O/D light mean? Typically with this model vehicle (2003 Honda Pilot) this means that you are not shifting into overdrive properly. This could also signal there is another issue, but a transmission problem is the most common in this case. This could happen for a number of reasons including improper shifting on the drivers part or even failure inside the transmission. You need to take your vehicle in for a transmission inspection and diagnosis.

3) Shaking / Strange Vibrations
Anytime your vehicle is making strange vibrations or shakes while driving or shifting is cause for concern. There are many different diagnoses for a situation like this. Your vehicle needs to be inspected and checked for transmission problems. Sometimes this symptom can be another issue inside your vehicle, not just a transmission related problem. If you are local to the Charlotte area, please contact us at 704-821-3460 to schedule a diagnosis.

4) Missing or Slipping Gears
This is a common transmission repair symptom for just about any make or model vehicle. If you are experiencing a loss of gears, difficulty shifting gears or if the gears are slipping, this calls for extreme caution. Do not ignore this problem as it will only escalate. If you are local to the Charlotte area please contact us at 704-821-3460 for advice or estimates for this transmission issue. If you are not local, please contact your local transmission repair facility and drive with caution or not at all.

Tips to Prevent Major Transmission Repairs for the Honda Pilot:

1) Transmission Fluid Flush / Maintenance

Prevent major transmission repairs and problems by having your Honda Pilot transmission serviced. Transmission fluid is a slippery liquid that acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In order to keep your transmission working at its best performance, you should have your transmission fluid flush and changed regularly. If you are running your vehicle on low transmission, this can cause severe internal transmission problems, failure and cause the need for major repair or rebuild. Read our latest blog here on why changing your transmission fluid and keeping your transmission maintenanced is important and will extend the life of your transmission.

2) Don’t ignore dash lights such as Check Engine and a flashing “O/D” light

Any time there are flashing lights on your dash, or a new light appears — including your O/D (overdrive) light and check engine light — this should not be ignored. A car is a very advanced system of parts all controlled by an internal computer system that will warn you when something inside your vehicle isn’t right. Always heed this warning. If lights are flashing or on, take your vehicle in to be checked. Sometimes these lights do not mean anything, something simple or they can signal a severe pending problem. If ignored, you could end up with a non-functioning vehicle and a long list of repairs.

Other problems associated with the Honda Pilot include broken motor mounts and a locking ignition. Here at Twin Charlotte, we provide quality Honda Pilot repair and service for all Honda Pilot repair issues. For an estimate on your Honda Pilot transmission repair or other auto repairs, please contact Twin Charlotte at 704-821-3460 to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians.