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2006 Ford Explorer Transmission RepairAutomatic transmissions are mysterious marvels of the Industrial Revolution. Every mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, vacuum-operated, and electronic component of a modern-day automatic transmission must function in perfect harmony to do its job properly. Like a Swiss watch that keeps perfect time, automatic transmissions are the precision instruments that effortlessly propel many of our custom vintage pickups.

Today we are going over the 2006 Ford Explorer. Ford Explorers are jokingly called “Exploders” in the fact that these model ford vehicles have many problems, including transmission issues. Many of the problems found in the 2006 Ford Explorer lead to a transmission repair or compelte transmission rebuild.

Common transmission problems with the 2006 Ford Explorer include:

* Transmission lunges, hard jolt when shifting
* Transmission will not go into gear
* Transmission hesitates
* Transmission won’t stay in gear
* Cycles in and out of gear / shuts off
* Transmission stuck in overdrive

Customer Written Descriptions of their 2006 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems and Repair:

+ I bought my car with 20,000 miles on it nov. 2008. It only had 3 months left of the factory warranty. As soon as the warranty expired I started noticing the lunging into gears very hard and there was a delay. It would also sometimes get stuck in park. p My transmission just fried at 48,000 miles and I had to have the transmission rebuilt. It is running fine and better than ever now. I have only had it back for 2 days so hopefully it stays that way. I also had to replace my radiator a few months ago. It was leaking in several spots. I am finding out that this is also a common problem with the 2006 Ford explorer.

+ My 2006 Ford Explorer car lunges forward. It is a good thing I have had my foot on the brake when this has happened because I have been pulling out from work and I would have been hit. Also, when I pull out the transmission hesitates when it shifts from second to third gear, it is almost as if I have completely let off the gas and then gave it gas again. Next problem… when I am slowing down whether I hit the brake or just let off the gas my car makes a terrible noise. It sounds like a whining noise, and a loud pop.

+ The car was in drive but would keep kicking out of gear… I would push the gas, the engine would rev, but the car wouldn’t go anywhere. I even rolled backwards down a hill on a highway and almost hit another car! I had to shut the car off, and restart it in order to get it to back in gear. This happened 10-15 times in a 20 minute drive! I was nervous to even drive it home. Called Twin and took advantage of the towing provided.

Transmission problems can be very serious — some start off small, but if ignored, the transmission problem will accelerate. If you suspect you have a problem with your transmission gears or the transmission itself, call us to have it looked at immediately or the problem diagnosed. Towing to our shop may be free with the repair, under certain mileage restrictions. Call us today about our 2006 Ford Explorer Transmission Repair and get an additional $200 off your transmission rebuild! 704-821-3460

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