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2006 acura tl transmission repair charlotte nc 410Only a few cars under $40K offer a rare combination of luxury, style and comfort. The 2006 Acura TL is certainly one of them – where you can enjoy all the traits of a luxurious car without spending a great deal of money. The 2006 Acura TL has a magnificent interior, a V6 engine and is well-equipped with features.

Today we are discussing 3 common transmission problems with the 2006 Acura TL. The Acura Transmission can be compared to the Honda Transmission, in the fact that many of the same transmission problems can occur. Here are the top three:



1. Rough Transition
In manual cars, jittery transition was observed when shifting gears. It was rougher while changing gears from first to second and from second to third. Another similar problem was reported where the third gear was instable and was popping out continuously without any apparent reason.

2. Problem With Transmission Solenoid
One of the top transmission issues with the 2006 Acura TL is that it has been repeatedly reported that when going upward the transmission gears will start to slip. The gears pop out continuously and the problem typically reoccurs when the weather is hot.

3. Fluid Leak
There have been complaints of leakage in the gasket between outer and inner transmission cases. Unfortunately, this leak is often misdiagnosed for axle oil leak. If you have a fluid leak of any kind, please have it looked at immediately. If the transmission is leaking for any reason, ignoring the leak will cause severe transmission problems which result in broken or damaged gears.

It is not the first or the second time that Acura TL is diagnosed with transmission problems. In its 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999 models are well known for their transmission issues. There are over 296 transmission problems that can occur with the 2006 Acura TL. If you think you have a transmission problem or are in need of a transmission repair, call Charlotte NC’s best Transmission Repair Shop. We offer Free Transmission Diagnosis, Free Towing (with Transmission Rebuild repair) and Free Estimates.

Used vs Rebuild Transmission | Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

used transmissions vs rebuilt charlotte nc

When your transmission starts giving you a hard time, there usually aren’t many options, especially if the transmission has caused your vehicle to lose gears or it will not move. Two options are to either A) have the transmission rebuilt or B) buy a used or remanufactured transmission.

Though both the solutions are viable, the best choice is to rebuild the transmission. Rebuilding your transmission is one of the only ways to ensure that broken and worn parts are replaced to restore the transmission to a “like new” condition. Used transmissions, as well as remanufactured transmissions, can be a pricy path to take, as well as risky. Here are three reasons why rebuilding your transmission is a better idea than buying used:


1. Cost Efficiency
A rebuilt transmission is cost-efficient and time-efficient at the same time. When you purchase a used transmission, most likely this was one of many transmissions found inside a vehicle at a junkyard. Most used or remanufactured transmissions come with a low warranty or no warranty at all. Our transmission rebuilds always come with the longest warranty available – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. A used transmission that fails after only 6 months to a year after installing will cause you to start at the beginning for another transmission, or finally a rebuild.

2. Assurance
When your transmission is rebuilt, we disassemble the entire unit. We look through each part, clean all the parts, replace any worn or broken parts and add new transmission fluid. A transmission rebuild will return your transmission to a ‘like new’ condition. When buying a used transmission, you are buying a unit that could be in worse condition than your already broken unit, or may have parts inside that are already broken, worn or damaged.

3. Warranty
Every transmission we rebuild comes with Charlotte NC’s best Transmission Rebuild Warranty. Your warranty is covered for 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. This is very different from the warranty or lack of warranty that may come with a used transmission unit.

By and large, the pros of having a transmission rebuilt outweigh the risk of buying a used or remanufactured transmission. We have been repairing and rebuilding transmissions in Charlotte NC for over 30 years. Our warranty is by far the longest transmission rebuild warranty offered in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Call us at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate or diagnosis.