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Honda Accord Transmission Repair and Problems:


Honda Accord Transmission Repair Charlotte NCTransmission failure in most Honda vehicles are commonly found in models made in the early 2000s. However, Honda Accords have a history of transmission problems, affecting most models since 1998. The models released in 2003 seem to have the highest rates for transmission problems or transmission failure. In most cases, the transmission problem was severe enough to cause for a complete transmission rebuild or repair.

It is important to fix transmission problems as soon as possible because allowing a problem to linger can cause permanent damage to your car. Most of the complaints regarding Honda transmission failure is related to the torque converter. This happens when the engine will rev up, but the car cannot move. This can cause the transmission to burn up, which requires total replacement.

Many of the problems in Honda Accord transmissions affect how the car shifts into and out of its third gear. A general struggle with this gear is often accompanied by grinding noises as well. Unexpected changes from third gear to neutral are also reported. In some cases, the gears can break outright. Other problems include high RPM without thrust, and motion similar to the neutral gear even though the car is in “Park.” The sources of these problems are as varied as the symptoms themselves. Some are caused by overheating, which leads to a breakdown of the gears. Essential parts in the gear operation, including synchronizers and sleeves, are known to have deficiencies affecting cars from most years this decade.

Be aware of your car slipping into neutral. Some Honda owners have also reported that the car’s transmission pops randomly into neutral, which causes grinding when traveling at high speeds. Seek maintenance and repairs as soon as possible. These problems can damage or even ruin your transmission, so if you are having transmission problems it is important to have your car serviced as soon as possible.

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