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Transmission Repair Prices, Transmission Repair Estimates and Transmission Repair / Rebuild Costs in Charlotte NC:

Transmission Repair cost charlotte ncIn simple terms, an automobile transmission is the component that allows the power of the engine to drive the wheels of a car. An operating transmission is a finely tuned dance between the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems controlled by a computer. There are gears, pumps, valves, seals, gaskets, cables and other parts that all must work in concert. In other words, this is a complex mega-system that quite simply makes the car move. Without a transmission, the car goes nowhere under its own power.

With all of these potential problem points, it is clear that the repair of an auto transmission can smite a royal blow to anyone’s budget. The often unexpected cost can be traumatizing: your car may be literally un-drivable, requiring an immediate repair whether you had it planned in your budget or not. For example, the average cost of transmission repair can cost anywhere between $600 – $6000, and a transmission replacement / rebuild could run anywhere around $1800 – $3500 or more, all depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the type of transmission it uses, and the transmission repair that needs to be done. Usually, the more expensive type of vehicle you have, the more expensive the repairs will be. Luckily, Charlotte’s Transmission King, Twin Automotive & Transmission is here to help you solve any and all transmission problems. Get the best service on your transmission repair, with Charlotte’s Longest Transmission Rebuild Warranty at a competitive price and costs. Quite simply, we strive on providing you the best service and repair — at the best price possible.

Transmissions are highly complex mechanical devices, so it is actually most cost-effective to rebuild the transmission, rather than continually troubleshoot and repair it pieces at a time — if the problem is servere, eventually the transmission will completely fail. A transmission rebuild will allow you to get more life out of the transmission than just a transmission that has had a part or two repaired.

Costs of Internal Transmission Problems and Repair

The cost of solving internal transmission problems are a very involved process. Depending on your vehicle, there will be a certain amount of time (labor) involved to remove and reinstall (R&R) the transmission and also tear down and reassemble. Once the transmission is apart, all the seals, gaskets, sealing rings, and other internal parts are replaced by using a complete transmission overhaul kit with parts specific to your transmission. This is one main reason why a transmission rebuild is worth the cost because the savings is not worth the risk of leaving old parts which can fail later. A transmission rebuild repair cost typically includes replacing broken internal parts, seals, gaskets and other parts found inside the transmission.

Costs of External Transmission Problems and Repair

When external repairs are done, such as replacing solenoids and sensors, it is a good idea to check that there are no underling reasons for the parts failure. Replacing a solenoid that is clogged with clutch material will work…until it clogs again.

Tips on Transmission Repair Estimates, Prices, Buyer-Beware: Don’t End Up On The Hook

In many cases, we have been contacted to help assist people we have previously given estimates to. The problems they have are with other transmission shops that have their vehicle. They want to change their vehicle from their shop to our location, but are having difficulty. See how we differ from other Charlotte Transmission Repair shops here.

Before you let anyone remove, dismantle and inspect (RDI) your transmission ask these questions: How much is it going to cost? Does it include reassembling and reinstalling or at least making the vehicle tow-able in the event you want to remove it from the shop?

The last thing you want to happen is get quoted what may be an unfair price only to find out it will cost $600.00 to get it out. Many shops will do this. This can and does happened…Don’t be a victim.

It is true that the actual cost of repairing a transmission sometimes can’t be determined until the unit removed and torn down. Estimates and ranges of prices can be given, but there are many variables that can affect the overall price. Price range can be given …so your not thinking hundreds when its thousands.

Transmission repair costs can vary. If you want to know what transmission repair prices or costs you may be looking at, please contact us at 704-821-3460, or stop by for a free estimate.

Twin Charlotte is Charlotte’s #1 Transmission King, offering Charlotte’s longest transmission rebuild warranty and repairs.