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2003 ford explorer transmission repair charlotte ncIt is very common for a Ford Explorer to need a transmission repair or rebuild, due to several transmission problems or even failure. Most Ford Explorers from the early 2000s. Specifically the 2002 Ford Explorer, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2004 Ford Explorer are the most common for transmission repair. We have already covered the 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Repair at this previous article. Today, we are discussing the 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission specifically.

What are signs your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission needs repair?


1) O/D Light Flashes Transmission Messages
This is the most common symptom that your 2003 Ford Explorer needs a transmission repair or rebuild. It is also common for your check engine light or transmission light to illuminate with a transmission problem as well.

2) Transmission Slipping between gears and Upshifts hard occasionally. or trouble shifting between gears
Problems shifting gears can be caused by a number of reasons including (but not limited to) poor shifting habits, transmission fluids not maintenanced properly, or even the age of the vehicle has caused parts to become worn and break.

3) Transmission is making a clunking, rattling or even griding noises when accelerating or changing gears
Typically these noises occur while the vehicle is in motion. It may be hard to tell where these noises are coming from. Do not ignore sounds such as these.Grinding and clunking noises generally are telling you that something has failed or is failing.  A grinding noise can be generated by many things from worn out brake pads to axle bearing failure to transmission gears, transmission mounts, transmission clutch problems and breaking or more.

The symptoms listed above are no joke when it comes to your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission. If you are experiencing any of the signs above, please contact us immediately or bring your vehicle by our Charlotte/Indian Trail location for a transmission inspection and diagnosis.

Transmission problems should never be ignored as minor problems (and repairs) only lead to major costly repairs if left ignored. Simple shifting problems lead to broken gears, which can leave you stranded in a vehicle that will not move. Call Charlotte’s Transmission Repair Specialist at 704-821-3460 or contact us here for a Free Transmission Repair Estimate (and a $200 OFF Transmission Coupon).

Do you have a question about your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission?
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