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The F-series is a line of pickup trucks manufactured by Ford. One of the most popular models in the F-series is the F-150. The F-150 has been a top seller for over 15 years. The F-150 not only delivers outstanding comfort and style, but also impressive power under the hood. In 2004 the F-150 was completely redesigned and gained immense popularity post launch. However, there were a few problems with the transmission of the 2004 F-150.

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Below are symptoms or signs that your 2004 Ford F-150 may need a transmission repair: 

Severe Shuddering and Vibration

A common issue with the 2004 F-150 is extreme shuddering and vibration in the transmission. Automatic transmissions are supposed to be extremely smooth. This issue arose after only a few thousand miles. The vibration eventually became so severe that it could be felt in the steering wheel. Ford was aware of the transmission issues with the 2004 F-150 and repaired many of the pickup trucks under warranty. The exact cause of the shuddering was that the metal shavings stuck between the gears. This prevented the gear assembly from operating smoothly.

Transmission Overheat

The transmission of the 2004 F-150 tends to overheat frequently. This may have been because the transmission cooling assembly wasn’t good enough to provide the necessary cooling. The overheating resulted in abnormal expansion of the gears. The gears would grind against each other and would produce metal shavings. The metal shavings would then get stuck in the fluid lines and hinder lubrication in addition to overheating. 

Although never reported, the rapid overheating may have also resulted in broken gear teeth. Broken gear teeth can lead to a locked transmission. The only way to counter this issue was to install an external transmission cooler after the transmission is rebuilt.

No Shifting

The torque controller in an automatic transmission acts like a clutch as it makes gear shifting possible. The transmission of the 2004 F-150 had a weak solenoid which would fail and the vehicle wouldn’t go into gear.

If you are the owner of a 2004 F-150 or planning to buy one, do keep an eye out for these issues. The 2004 F-150 is otherwise a spectacular machine that will serve your purpose provided you deal with the transmission problems.

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