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2005 nissa xterra rebuilt transmission 2013 1151The 2005 Nissan Xterra underwent several design revisions. This model was larger and more ideal for off-road driving. The model had 265-horsepower. It also offered a rear differential locker. However, it was only offered on the models specified for driving on rough terrain. Although the SUV was very popular it caused a lot of problems for users because of transmission issues. 

As the Rebuilt Transmission King of Charlotte NC, Twin Transmission specializes in rebuilt transmission and all types of transmission repair, including 2005 Nissan Xterra transmission problems. If you are looking for a rebuilt transmission price, please call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate. This article discusses common problems with the 2005 Nissan Xterra:  

Transmission Failure Due To Radiator

The most common issue with the 2005 Nissan Xterra was transmission failure because of the radiator. The transmission fluid requires cooling and runs through a space in the radiator to be cooled. The radiator housing of the Xterra was weak. The radiator would leak because of this. As a result of the leak, the coolant in the radiator would get mixed with the transmission fluid. When the part transmission fluid, part coolant would circulate in the transmission, it would cause damage to the components. The transmission would fail due to this.

Vibration and Jerks While Driving

The transmission had a problem of vibrating while driving. In addition, the transmission would also jerk when shifting. This jerking and vibrating was a sign of failure and rather uncomfortable to drive with.  Often the transmissions would fail at around 90,000 miles. In addition, the repair costs associated with the transmission repair are significant and had to be borne by the customer. This was because even though the warranty was extended to 80,000 miles the transmission would fail after it had expired.

Shuddering After Certain Speeds

The 2005 Xterra had a shuddering problem after a certain speed. Whenever, the car would hit 40 miles per hour, the transmission starts shuddering. Most of these issues with the transmission were primarily related to the leaking radiator. The vibration, jerking and shuddering were the initial signs of transmission failure.

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