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The 2010 Fusion is an intermediate car manufactured by the American Ford Motor Company. The initial model was introduced in 2006 and later manufactured in three variants: the S, SE, and SEL. The basic model was the S, which had a 2.3-liter engine. The engine had 160 horsepower and boasted an inline-type four cylinder Duratec 23 engine. This variant had a five-speed automatic or manual transmission depending on the customer’s preference.  On the other hand, the SE and SEL variants were more aggressive and focused on delivering power. These variants had a V-type engine which provided 221 horsepower, a Duratec 30 and the capacity of 3-liters. 

The 2010 Ford Fusion was also named the Car of the Year at the Motor Trend. In spite of the fabulous design and the acclaim it received, the 2010 Ford Fusion does have some issues when it came to the transmission and the accelerator pedal.

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Transmission Problems

The transmission of the Fort Fusion introduced in 2010 has multiple issues. The issues included the transmission falling out of gear randomly. This happened especially if the car was cold. What made this problem worse was the fact that it was random. This is why many cars didn’t show any symptoms when their drivers took them to repair shops. Another issue with the transmission was the fluid leak and sudden spike in RPM’s while on cruise control. There were also a few reports of improper shifting during declaration. 

Accelerator Pedal

The second manufacturing defect was with the accelerator pedals. This problem was rather dangerous. The interior carpeting design for the Fort Fusion would interfere with the operation of the accelerator pedal. There were reports of the pedal would getting stuck in the carpeting at high RPM’s and ultimately preventing the car from stopping. This problem became a grave concern, which is why the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation against the company.

Luckily, both of these issues simply require a transmission rebuild or repairs done on the valve body. Let us help find the solution for your 2010 Ford Fusion repair. We specialize in all types of transmission repair and rebuild, and types of auto repair.Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate.