Top 3 Worst Cars for Transmission Rebuild | Charlotte NC

To keep your transmission healthy, you should regularly change the transmission fluid and have it inspected for potential issues. This ensures that even the smallest issues are tracked in time. Most car transmissions last a long while. But, some cars which had an issue with the design of their transmission are the Honda Accord, Odyssey and the Ford Explorer. Let’s look at what the problems with these cars were:

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular luxury sedans. It is loved for its luxurious drive and extensive features. However, some models of the Accord had some redesigning done to the transmission. This new design had some flaws which caused problems for the Accord owners. The gears of the Accord were not getting enough lubrication.

Due to this the gears would leave shavings in the bell housing. The metal shavings from the gears would get mixed with the fluid and clog the lines. In time the fluid flow would stop completely and the transmission would not get any lubrication at all as well as heat up. This would cause a transmission failure.

Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey is a popular minivan produced by Honda. It is loved for its luxury features and large passenger room. However, the transmission used in the Odyssey was similar to that of the Accord. Not only did the transmission share the same design but also the same issues. The transmission of the Odyssey also had a weak ball bearing. The lubrication issues combined with the weak ball bearing made the transmission highly unreliable.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an SUV known for its off-road abilities and comfort. However, the transmission of some models of the Explorer disappointed customers. The overheating of the transmission would cause gear teeth to chip off or even break. This could cause a dreaded transmission lock.

If you have either one of these vehicles, it is best to keep a check on the transmission to avoid any serious repairs.

Top 3 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winters can be quite hard on your car especially if the necessary precautions aren’t taken. Since your car is under a lot of stress during the cold months, a lot can go wrong. You may lose power in the battery overnight or end up with a cracked radiator hose, a broken alternator belt, etc. These issues are not expensive to fix, but they are a huge inconvenience, particularly if you are on the highway and there’s no mechanic in sight.

To avoid these issues with your car in winter, it is best to prepare it for those cold harsh months in advance. A few tweaks in the right areas will get your car through the winter with ease. Here’s what you need to do to prep your car for winter:

Insulate Your Battery

A dead battery in the morning can set you back a couple of minutes in the morning when leaving for work. To avoid the hassle, it is best to insulate your battery. You can either park your car in an insulated garage. If you don’t have one, a battery insulator will work just fine. It is a great investment to keep your battery in top shape. Also have a mechanic test your alternator just to be sure its charging properly.

Examine the Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses can get hard during the winter days. If they get hard enough, they crack. A broken belt or hose can be a problem if you are stranded somewhere. In addition, if the broken belt is the one that controls the timing of the engine, it can result in expensive engine overhaul. Broken hoses are an issue because the coolant will leak and the engine will overheat and blow a gasket, etc

Change the Engine Oil

The engine oil is already quite thick and in the winter it gets thicker. Thick engine oil will not lubricate the parts properly until it’s fully warm. To counter this problem you can either have your mechanic swap the thick oil with one which has a low viscosity. You may also buy an engine warmer for your vehicle. It will heat the oil to a good viscosity and the entire engine will get sufficient lubrication from the start.

Keep these tips in mind and prepare your car for winter.

Top 10 Common Problems with the 6T70 Transmission

The 6T70 is a six-speed automatic transmission. This transmission was made by General Motors and Ford. The 6T70 is a successful transmission powering many vehicles. However, it does have a few common problems which may arise over time. Let’s look at ten common problems with the 6T70 transmission:

Transmission Fluid Overheating

A common issue with the 6T70 was the overheating of the transmission fluid. The issue was the result of a faulty circuit.

Problem with Brake Switch Circuit

The brake switch issue was another problem with the 6T70. This was also because of some internal problems with the brake switch circuit.

Issue with the Planetary Gear System

The issue which is a grave concern in the 6T70 transmission is a problem with the planetary gear system. Once the planetary gears become faulty, the gear ratios are incorrect. This causes problems in accelerating and gas mileage, climbing steep slopes, etc.

Shift Solenoid Failure

This is a common problem with all auto transmissions and also with the 6T70. Once the shift solenoid fails, the gears don’t change.

Output Shaft Speed Indicator Failure

The output shaft speed indicator is responsible for determining the speed at which the drive shaft is spinning or the output of the transmission. This is also known to fail in the 6T70 transmission.

Torque Converter Failure

The torque converter failure is again a common issue with auto transmissions. The 6T70 also has a problem with the torque converter. Once this fails, the gears don’t change.

Gear Slipping

There are also problems with the gears slipping in this transmission. This is either because of a solenoid failure or because of the planetary gear system issue.

No Reverse Gear

Due to solenoid failures the reverse gear may fail to engage. The solenoid failure is not a huge expense but its best to have it repaired immediately.

No Gear Shifting

This is often caused by the brake switch or a torque converter failure.

4X4 Not Engaging

Another issue with the 6T70 was with the 4X4 system. Some of the Crossover Utility vehicles that this transmission was used in were not able to go into 4X4.

So, if you drive a vehicle with a 6T70, do keep an eye out for such problems.

How Much Does A Transmission Rebuild Cost?

Of the most stressful tasks for a vehicle owner is to have the transmission repaired. Not only do they have to go through the entire process without a functional vehicle, but the cost is substantial. There are many companies that are extremely reasonable when it comes to the cost of repairing an auto transmission. Yet, there are some that overcharge. There are many factors that affect the cost of a transmission rebuild.

It is best to inquire about these factors with a transmission rebuild facility. They will guide you about these in detail. However, it is also a good idea to be aware of these factors yourself so that you are sure you’re paying a fair price.

Let’s look at the factors that affect the price of a transmission rebuild:

Type of Vehicle

There are many factors that affect the cost of a transmission rebuild. Out of these factors, one of the most important ones is the type of vehicle you are driving. The cost of rebuilding transmissions is different for all types of vehicles. This depends on the year of manufacture of the vehicle and the type of transmission installed. There are certain types of transmissions for which parts are hard to come by. Therefore, the cost of rebuilding such a transmission would be higher. This is simply because the technician will not only make an effort to rebuild the transmission, but also to find the scarce parts. If you have a vehicle which is quite old or has a unique type of auto transmission, then the cost will be higher.

Cost of Labor

Labor charges are another factor that affects the cost of rebuilding. The labor charges are what you are paying to a technician for his services. Depending on the type of vehicle, there may be additional or less time needed to complete the transmission rebuild. 

A typical auto transmission rebuild can cost anywhere between $1000 and $3000. It may be more or less depending on these factors. If you need a transmission repair or transmission rebuild estimate, please contact us today.

3 Top Signs You May Need a Transmission Rebuild and Not Just a Transmission Repair

transmission repair charlotte ncTransmission repairs are one of the most dreaded repairs for any car owner. Not only do they have to spend a hefty amount of money on it, but they have to be without their vehicle for a while. In addition, it can be a stressful job to ask around for quotes at transmission repair facilities. There are some great facilities out there that will give you the best deals possible. However, there are others that may end up charging you for something you don’t need.

Twin Transmission Repair has been repairing and rebuilding all types of transmissions for over 30 years. As experts in transmission repair, we can help you with your transmission problem. Come in today for a free diagnosis — and if you need a transmission rebuild, use our blog coupon for $200 OFF the transmission rebuild. Most transmission rebuilds are complete within 1 – 3 days and free towing may be available for your area. 

This is generally the case when deciding whether to go for a rebuild or repair. There are certain issues that can be addressed with a simple transmission repair. However, other issues can only be fixed with a rebuild. Let’s see how you can determine if you require a rebuild:

Grinding Of Gears

The most common sign that you require a rebuild is gears grinding against each other. You will hear the grinding and also feel the vibration. This generally indicates improper shifting or the transmission struggling to shift. Gears often get damaged by this and the planetary gears may need to be replaced. Instead of having it repaired, it is best to rebuild the transmission.

Burning Transmission Fluid

If you notice a burning smell coming from the engine, check the transmission fluid. If the fluid is black and burning, it needs to be flushed. Do keep in mind that if the fluid is burning, it has probably already caused damage to the transmission. You will probably need a transmission rebuild. There are times when you can get away with a fluid flush, but not always.

Particles in the Fluid

If you drain the transmission fluid to change it and notice metal particles and shredding, your transmission needs a rebuild. A few components of the auto transmission grind against each other and the particles enter the fluid. The particles may even choke the fluid lines and cause a transmission lock. It’s best to get it checked as soon as possible.

Do you have a transmission problem? Let us help! Contact us today for a free diagnosis.

3 Signs Your Honda Needs a Transmission Rebuild | Charlotte NC

Honda is considered to be an economical and reliable automobile. It is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers in the world. However, there are a few models launched by Honda which had design flaws in the automatic transmission. The cars that experienced the issue were mainly the Honda Accord and the Odyssey. The root cause of the issue in some models was usually a faulty ball bearing and improper lubrication.

No matter what the root cause was, all the models displayed similar issues. Unfortunately, by the time these issues became prominent there were no preventive measures that could be taken. The only solution was to have the entire transmission rebuilt or replaced. Let’s look at what the signs were:

Improper Shifting

A major problem with the Honda is an improper shifting pattern. If you get it examined, the mechanic would not be able to find anything wrong with it. But eventually the transmission would require replacing as the issue would keep worsening. There are no definite signs of this issue. The only thing you would be able to feel is delay in shifting. You may also notice the transmission struggling to shift into the next gear. As soon as you notice this issue, have the mechanic disassemble your car’s transmission and check all the components.

Shifting To Neutral

Another common issue with the Honda transmission is random shifting to neutral. The car would automatically shift from any gear to neutral. This could happen in heavy traffic or on the highway at high speed. This is another issue which can’t really be diagnosed when it begins. Once the transmission is completely inoperable, only then can a mechanic actually fix it. The only way to save you from a costly rebuild is to have it disassembled and checked thoroughly.

Sudden Downshifting

The random downshifting is a particularly dangerous issue with Honda transmissions. At high speed, the car’s transmission would suddenly downshift to a lower gear. The sudden downshift results in a braking action and can result in a collision.

These issues can also result in a transmission lock up. If the transmission locks when you are driving on the highway, it could be fatal. At the first sign of trouble with your transmission you should have it inspected and repaired.

Do you have a problem with your Honda transmission? Loss of gears, trouble shifting, red fluid leaks and more are all signs of early transmission problems. As Charlotte NC’s expert and leader in transmission repair, you can trust that we can diagnose and fix your transmission problem in a timely manner. Contact us today for a Free Diagnosis and estimate. Most transmission rebuilds are complete in 1 – 3 days.

3 Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild Vs. Buying a Used Transmission

transmission repair charlotte ncReplacing a transmission can be a huge task. When a transmission is faulty there are a few options to get it up and running. You can either have the transmission repaired, which involves replacing the damaged parts only. You may even purchase a used one online or from a junkyard. However, the third and most reliable option is a transmission rebuild.

When your transmission is rebuilt, the entire transmission is disassembled and each part checked for wear. The worn-out parts are then replaced with new ones and the transmission is made as good as new. Let’s look at why a transmission rebuilding is a better option than having a used one installed in your car:

Quality of Rebuilt Transmission

The quality of a rebuilt transmission is without a doubt reliable. This is because during the disassembling process, each part is removed and inspected for possible wear in future. If a part is found to be unreliable, it is replaced. With a used transmission, there is no guarantee of the quality. It may have been running for 100,000 miles or less, there is no way to tell. (Our transmission rebuilds come with the longest transmission warranty in the area – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles!)

Quicker Than Buying A Used One

If you have an older car model, finding a used transmission can be a hassle. You’ll need to go to junkyards and online auctions to look for one. Even if you find one quickly, it takes about a week to be delivered. Rebuilding a transmission, on the other hand, takes 2 to 3 days. Transmission rebuilds not only guarantee that the work done is up to par, but also get your car up and running in no time.

Warranty for Rebuild

The best part about having your transmission rebuilt is that we give you a warranty. If anything goes wrong with the transmission during the warranty period, we will take care of it! Our warranty is the best in town – 3 years / unlimited miles, while used transmissions are generally sold as-is and usually don’t have warranty. If the transmission becomes faulty after a few miles, you’ll have to get another one or have it rebuilt anyway.

Do you need a transmission repair or transmission rebuild? Contact us today! 

Top 5 Transmission Problems with the 6T70 Transmission and Solutions for Repair

The 6T70 transmission is a successful transmission developed by General Motors and Ford. This transmission has been used in several vehicles since it was manufactured. The performance of this transmission is great and it delivers a smooth drive. Like all transmissions, the 6T70 had some issues which occurred frequently. These issues if looked at in time are an easy fix. However, if ignored they would end up turning into an expensive transmission rebuild. Let’s look at five of the most common problems with the 6T70 transmission:

Transmission Fluid Overheating

The transmission fluid overheating was a great concern amongst car owners. The 6T70 transmission’s fluid overheats and the fluid loses its viscosity. This means that the fluid would not lubricate the internal components the way it is supposed to and cause damage to the parts. One reason for this issue is overflowing the transmission fluid level. However, adding an external transmission cooler also solved the problem.

Hesitation in Pick-up

At times the 6T70 transmission would hesitate in pick-up. The vehicle would accelerate slowly and gain momentum eventually. However, this could be problematic in heavy traffic. This is an issue with the planetary gears as they don’t form proper gear ratios. A transmission repair is the only option.

Shuddering While Shifting

Severe shuddering while shifting indicates a broken gear tooth. The gear tooth would break due to overheating of the transmission and improper lubrication. To prevent this you can add an external transmission cooler. However, if the shuddering has started already, a transmission rebuild is the best bet.

Shuddering In Reverse Gear

Extreme shuddering was also noticed by some customers who drove a car with the 6T70 transmission. This shuddering was only noticed when the reverse gear was applied. On forward gears the car would drive smoothly. The resolution to this is to replace the Wave Plate.

Transmission Won’t Downshift

During long drives the transmission would not shift down from the fourth or fifth gear. Once cooled the transmission would work normal and do the same again after a long journey. This issue could also be caused by the 35 R Wave Plate and the transmission would require repairs.

So, if you experience any of these issues with your 6T70 transmission, contact us immediately! As 6T70 Transmission repair experts, we have seen your transmission problem before and can take care of it immediately.

3 Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes | Mechanic Charlotte NC

brake repair charlotte ncOne of the most important components of your vehicle is the brakes. They not only enable you to bring your car to a halt but also keep you safe in an emergency situation. A brake failure will not only prevent your vehicle from stopping but could result in a serious accident.

Therefore, it is best to keep the brakes of your car well maintained. This will not only enhance your driving experience, but you’ll also be safe. Many car owners are not aware of how to tell that their car requires new brakes. Let’s look at the top three signs that your car needs new brakes:

Squealing Sound When Braking

The most common and overlooked sign for brake replacement is a squealing sound. Whenever you brake to stop you will hear this sound. Sometimes this sound is heard even when you don’t engage the brake pedals. This issue points to the fact that your car’s brake pads are worn out. Some brake pads are fitted with a wear indicator that makes squealing noises to warn drivers of brake wear.

Vehicle Pulling You to One Side

Another issue caused by faulty brake pads is your vehicle pulling to one side when braking. If the brake pads on the right-hand side are worn out then the vehicle will pull to the left and vice versa. At the slightest indication that your vehicle is pulling to either side you should have the brakes fixed. The pulling action at high speeds can be extremely dangerous and can result in an accident. Also, have the fluid lines cleaned just to be sure they are not causing the problem.

A Sloppy Brake Pedal

The most dangerous sign is a sloppy brake pedal. This is a potential brake failure and can prove to be quite dangerous. A sloppy pedal indicates worn-out pedals or a leaking fluid line. Either way the issue has to be addressed immediately. If the brakes fail while you’re on the highway it can prove to be catastrophic.

So, keep an eye out for these signs. If you come across any one of these, have your brakes inspected right away.

Twin Transmission provides all types of repairs including brake replacement, brake repairs, tune ups, transmission fluid flush services and more. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for more information and a Free Estimate.

3 Signs Your Acura Needs a Transmission Rebuild | Charlotte NC

Acura is a Japanese car built by Honda. The car is reliable and a favorite amongst people who like economical cars that offer good performance. However, some models of the Acura had a manufacturing defect with the transmission. The transmission issue was so severe that the company had extended the warranties and even recalled some transmissions. Most of the issues that arose in the Acura’s transmission required a transmission rebuild. Here is a list of the issues that car owners faced with their Acura’s transmission:

Second Gear Won’t Engage

One of the most common issues with Acura’s transmission is that the second gear doesn’t engage. The car would go into the first gear and the third gear would engage directly after the first. The second gear wouldn’t engage at all. This issue could also develop into a bigger issue with the transmission locking. This is normally caused by a chipped tooth. The tooth if stuck between the other gears can cause a lockup and cause a crash or damage other components.

Burning Smell from the Transmission Fluid

The Acura transmission had another issue which was overheating of the transmission fluid. The fluid would overheat which would cause improper lubrication of the internal components. This resulted in the gear teeth chipping. The shavings from the gears would get stuck in the fluid lines and stop the inflow of fluid. This would eventually result in the gear teeth breaking. The issue is not caused by regular driving. There were certain driving conditions that would stimulate the issue.

Gear Slipping

The gear slipping issue was another one that will set the car owner back by a few thousand bucks if the car is out of warranty. The cause was blocked transmission fluid lines. Another reason for this was a solenoid failure. If the solenoid failure was the root cause of the issue then a simple repair would do. However, if the fluid lines are blocked then a complete rebuild is required. This can be a costly repair therefore it is best to install an external transmission fluid.

The best way to preserve your transmission fluid is to drain the old fluid and refill it every 15,000 miles. However, if you notice any of the abovementioned issues, you should get in touch with a professional immediately!

Twin Transmission repairs all types of vehicles, including Acura car types. If you think you need a transmission repair or if you have a problem with your Acura, bring it in for a Free Diagnosis. 

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