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transmission repair charlotte ncReplacing a transmission can be a huge task. When a transmission is faulty there are a few options to get it up and running. You can either have the transmission repaired, which involves replacing the damaged parts only. You may even purchase a used one online or from a junkyard. However, the third and most reliable option is a transmission rebuild.

When your transmission is rebuilt, the entire transmission is disassembled and each part checked for wear. The worn-out parts are then replaced with new ones and the transmission is made as good as new. Let’s look at why a transmission rebuilding is a better option than having a used one installed in your car:

Quality of Rebuilt Transmission

The quality of a rebuilt transmission is without a doubt reliable. This is because during the disassembling process, each part is removed and inspected for possible wear in future. If a part is found to be unreliable, it is replaced. With a used transmission, there is no guarantee of the quality. It may have been running for 100,000 miles or less, there is no way to tell. (Our transmission rebuilds come with the longest transmission warranty in the area – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles!)

Quicker Than Buying A Used One

If you have an older car model, finding a used transmission can be a hassle. You’ll need to go to junkyards and online auctions to look for one. Even if you find one quickly, it takes about a week to be delivered. Rebuilding a transmission, on the other hand, takes 2 to 3 days. Transmission rebuilds not only guarantee that the work done is up to par, but also get your car up and running in no time.

Warranty for Rebuild

The best part about having your transmission rebuilt is that we give you a warranty. If anything goes wrong with the transmission during the warranty period, we will take care of it! Our warranty is the best in town – 3 years / unlimited miles, while used transmissions are generally sold as-is and usually don’t have warranty. If the transmission becomes faulty after a few miles, you’ll have to get another one or have it rebuilt anyway.

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