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Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of cars, trucks, motorcycles, quad vehicles, robots, generators and equipment for navigation and jets. This company was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Together with Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi, Honda is one of the biggest Japanese car manufacturers. This company has over 130.000 employees and over $80 billion turnover in the past few years. Some of the most popular car models from this manufacturer include: Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Legend, Honda CR-V, Honda Prelude etc. Over the years Honda became a synonym for quality and prestige. According to some studies Honda has proven to be the most reliable car on the market, According to the same source every 10th Honda owner will have to check their car because of some malfunction in the first year after they bought their car. This is a really low number compared to other manufacturers. However, just like any other car model there are some common problems in every segment of its functioning. The following is a list of three common Honda transmission problems.

  1. Shaking and grinding

Most of Honda car models are known for their stability and their ability to provide smooth drive on almost any type of surface. This is how every ride should look like – without any jerking, shaking and without any weird grinding sounds. If you experience some of these things then there is probably something wrong with the transmission. This is especially true for manual transmissions. The grinding noise in malfunctioning manual transmission is louder and deeper. Drivers can also experience a different feeling then before when shifting between gears. In case the grinding noise occurs in the moment when you use the clutch and shift gears then maybe the clutch needs to be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Of course, this can also mean that the gear doesn’t synch well and several other problems. Automatic transmission on the other hand includes symptoms like difficult transitions between gears. Inspection and servicing are recommended in all these cases.

  1. Check engine light

Honda is known for the many indicators that they usually include in their cars. One of them is the check engine light which shouldn’t be ignored when it is illuminating. Although these lights indicate that something is wrong with the engine, these problems are often related to the transmission. All Honda car models have sensors connected to the transmission and they indicate problems through this light. No matter what the problem is you should definitely drive your car to the car repair shop and have it inspected.

  1. Unpleasant smell

Just like the light we’ve mentioned before, unpleasant / burning smell is a strong indicator that something in your Honda is not right. In many cases this means that the overheating of the transmission fluid causes this smell. If you don’t take measures right away you risk experiencing damages to your transmission system. Take your car to the service and check the transmission level and see if this solves the problem.