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2003 acura tl transmission repair charlotte nc twinWhile there are some universal signs that indicate your car’s transmission is failing, the 2003 Acura TL has some specific warning signs when it comes to transmission failure. When your Acura TL Transmission starts to have problems, you will see some of the signs detailed below. If you are experiencing any of the listed transmission problems, please call us immediately at 704-821-3460. Transmission problems worsen over time and can result in complete transmission failure.

Here are the three signs of impending transmission failure in a 2003 Acura TL:

Sign number one:  The transmission slips from second gear to third gear.  This can be a very scary situation if it happens while driving on speedy I-485 in Charlotte NC. The first time this happens, you need to call us or bring the vehicle in. (As explained above, transmission problems worsen with time – to avoid costly repairs, bring your Acura TL in at the first signs of a transmission problem.) 

Sign number two:  The transmission slips from fourth gear down to third.  This can be horrendously dangerous as the car will slow down far too rapidly, possibly causing an accident.  If this happens once, it’s one time too many.

Sign number three:  A burning or chemical smell is in your car while you’re driving.  This means that the transmission fluid is low and/or the transmission is overheating.   Your transmission may simply have a leak or the transmission fluid might be dirty.  Whatever the reason is, you should immediately call Charlotte’s best transmission repair shop, and bring your vehicle in to avoid costly repairs. (Over 90% forget about common transmission maintenance, such as changing the transmission fluid. Do not let this small maintenance allow damage to your transmission.)

There are other signs that your transmission might be failing, such as the transmission refusing to get into gear and making a lot of noise while in neutral.  A dragging clutch might also indicate that it’s time to consider not just a transmission repair, but a transmission rebuild.

A transmission rebuild on your Acura TL transmission is usually necessary to fix all of the problems listed above. The transmission rebuild involves removing your transmission from your vehicle, disassembling the entire transmission unit, inspecting all parts inside and then cleaning and repacing necessary parts. Transmission rebuilds can bring your transmission back to an ‘almost new’ state.

We are Charlotte’s top rated Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild center. We specialize in all make and model vehicles, including the Acura TL transmission. Call us at 704-821-3460 for a free transmission repair diagnosis and estimate — and don’t forget to mention our $200 OFF coupon (valid on all transmission rebuilds). We also carry Charlotte’s best Transmission Rebuild Warranty — 3 Years / UNLIMITED MILES.