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BMW transmissions seldom fail. In fact, the automatic transmissions manufactured by BMW are some of the best in the industry. However, it has a specific useful life and since it is electronic, it can fail at any given time. If the failure symptoms are detected early on, you can save a lot of money by avoiding expensive repairs.

Prior to failures, every transmission displays certain symptoms.If you know these signs, you can easily pinpoint the exact transmission issue and have it repaired, instead of a complete rebuild. Let’s look at the most common signs that your BMW transmission may be failing:

Vibration When Downshifting

This is one of the most common issues with BMW auto transmissions. When slowing down, the gears shift downwards roughly. There is severe vibration when you shift the gears down. There are many speculations as to what this issue is. This symptom can mean one of two problems. Either there is an issue with the sensors in the computer, or it can be a solenoid issue. Regardless of the issue, is should be dealt with in right away before it worsens.

Computer Issue during Gear Shifts

The computer on-board the BMW controls everything. However, a common transmission issue occurs when this computer turns off. When the gears shift, downward or upward, the computer turns off. Moreover, this issue is also noticed when you start the vehicle. It may seem like a minor electrical issue, but it can develop into something more expensive and major, over time. Therefore, it is advised that you contact a transmission repair facility at the first sign of any issue.

Failure to Shift or Engage Gears

This issue is another one which is quite common in BMWs. While driving, the gear will suddenly disengage and the car will become neutral. This issue is also known to arise when you start the car and put it into gear. Another side to the same issue is the failure to shift from one gear to the other. The car remains stuck in a single gear. The issue is a result of a selection switch failure or faulty sensors.

Do you have any of the above issues with your BMW Transmission? Call the transmission repair and rebuild experts at 704-821-3460.