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brake repair charlotte ncOne of the most important components of your vehicle is the brakes. They not only enable you to bring your car to a halt but also keep you safe in an emergency situation. A brake failure will not only prevent your vehicle from stopping but could result in a serious accident.

Therefore, it is best to keep the brakes of your car well maintained. This will not only enhance your driving experience, but you’ll also be safe. Many car owners are not aware of how to tell that their car requires new brakes. Let’s look at the top three signs that your car needs new brakes:

Squealing Sound When Braking

The most common and overlooked sign for brake replacement is a squealing sound. Whenever you brake to stop you will hear this sound. Sometimes this sound is heard even when you don’t engage the brake pedals. This issue points to the fact that your car’s brake pads are worn out. Some brake pads are fitted with a wear indicator that makes squealing noises to warn drivers of brake wear.

Vehicle Pulling You to One Side

Another issue caused by faulty brake pads is your vehicle pulling to one side when braking. If the brake pads on the right-hand side are worn out then the vehicle will pull to the left and vice versa. At the slightest indication that your vehicle is pulling to either side you should have the brakes fixed. The pulling action at high speeds can be extremely dangerous and can result in an accident. Also, have the fluid lines cleaned just to be sure they are not causing the problem.

A Sloppy Brake Pedal

The most dangerous sign is a sloppy brake pedal. This is a potential brake failure and can prove to be quite dangerous. A sloppy pedal indicates worn-out pedals or a leaking fluid line. Either way the issue has to be addressed immediately. If the brakes fail while you’re on the highway it can prove to be catastrophic.

So, keep an eye out for these signs. If you come across any one of these, have your brakes inspected right away.

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