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To avoid expensive repairs to your car’s automatic transmission, you should look for signs. These signs are quite insignificant, but they point to a potential failure waiting to happen. Let’s look at three signs that your transmission may be going bad:

Slipping Gears

This is a common symptom in automatic transmissions. The gear slipping issue is generally a failure of the solenoid. However, if it is ignored, it could result in a bigger and more expensive failure. When the gears slip, they will cause extensive vibration and may even disengage. Moreover, when the gear is engaged, you will also hear a grinding noise. Gears may also change prematurely or downshift randomly. All these problems should be addressed as soon as possible. This is because failures that occur after this sign leave the transmission completely unusable.

Jerks and Vibration in Shifting

If you are going uphill and notice a lot of vibration in the gears or a sudden loss of power, your transmission needs a professional to take a look at it. In addition, you may also experience a severe vibration or jerking when you shift gears. There are even cases when the transmission fails to move the car forward while driving or starting the vehicle. In most cases, this issue requires a complete rebuild or repair. But this depends on the analysis of the professional who diagnoses the issue.

Leaking Fluid

This is a red flag if you notice it. There are many reasons your transmission fluid may be leaking. The most common and easy to fix issue is a leaked seal. However, the issue may be as major as a leak in the bell housing. The best thing to do is to contact a transmission repair facility as soon as you notice this issue. If the transmission runs without much fluid in the housing, it may fail completely.

Keep an eye out for these common transmission failure symptoms to avoid costly repairs. Did you have any of these problems with your transmission? Contact Charlotte NC’s most trusted transmission repair shop, Twin Transmission at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate.