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Owning a Lincoln MKZ is not for beginners. To have a vehicle like that you want to show it off and

maintain it well so that it runs optimally at all times. Just like any vehicle, you may encounter some

problems at times. For the Lincoln MKZ, transmission problems could pop up from time to time. In an

effort to keep your vehicle running properly, you should pay attention to any sounds that could

signify your Lincoln needs transmission work. Should you experience any of these sounds, you

should head over to your mechanic and have them check it out to avoid further issues.

Unusual Sounds When in Neutral

It is not uncommon to hear sounds when your vehicle is in motion. This is often just the vehicle’s

components all running in an effort to get your vehicle where it needs to be. When your vehicle is in

neutral, you should not hear any noises besides maybe the engine running on your Lincoln MKZ. If

you do hear a strange noise coming from your vehicle, it could be the bearings or gear teeth. You

should pull your vehicle over and check to make sure you have plenty of transmission fluid in your

vehicle before you continue your journey. Should you find out that the gear teeth and bearings are

bad, they will have to be replaced.

Grinding Noise

As you drive your Lincoln around town, your vehicle should be changing gears with a seamless

motion that you do not notice. Unfortunately, a jolt in the gears shifting or a grinding noise is often a

sign that your transmission is having issues. You should not be able to tell when your Lincoln MKZ is

shifting gears. This can often be a sign that your transmission fluid needs to be flushed out and

changed or it could be that you have a transmission fluid leak. Either issue warrants a mechanic

completing an inspection on the vehicle.

Whining Noise

The last thing you want to hear when driving your vehicle is a whining sound coming from under the

hood. This is easily one of the easiest ways to tell when you have a transmission problem. If you do

hear this sound coming from your Lincoln, you should avoid driving it until you have had the

transmission inspected and it has been cleared by the mechanic.

All three of these signs are often directly related to your Lincoln’s transmission. While you may never

experience any of these transmission symptoms, chances are you will have an issue with it

eventually. When this happens, it is imperative that you take care of the problem before it worsens.

This will help keep your repair costs down and the amount of time spent in the shop much less.