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Volkswagen cars are known to be among the best in the world. However, recent design changes in some automatic transmissions have resulted in certain manufacturing defects. These manufacturing defects caused immense problems to the customers. Some customers reported a transmission failure at 40,000 miles and some at 80,000. Typically an automatic transmission’s life is much longer than this.

Before complete failure, the transmission displayed certain symptoms to indicate an issue. Most customers ignored these symptoms as they were not expecting problems from a brand-new transmission. But if these issues are addressed in the early stages, expensive rebuilds can be avoided. Let’s look at some of the symptoms that a Volkswagen auto transmission displays prior to failure:

No Gear Shifting In “Drive”

One of the most common issues with Volkswagen cars is gear shifting. The car accelerates to a certain point where is should shift, but it doesn’t. On the other hand, if the transmission is put in D1 or D3, it would shift like normal. This issue seems like a simple solenoid failure. However, it could require a complete rebuild to rectify this issue.

No Power in First Gear

Any auto transmission when put into gear should move forward when you let go of the brake. This issue is with the first gear not emitting enough power. When the Volkswagen would be put into gear and the brake released, it won’t run at all. When the gas pedal is used, the car stalls immensely and then finally takes off. The exact cause of this problem is not clear, but it is best to make your way to a technician immediately.

Delay in Shifting Gears

Another issue with the Volkswagen is a severe delay in shifting gears. When the car reaches the RPM at which the gears are supposed to shift, they don’t. The car would keep driving in the same gear for a while and then the gear would shift. This is a transmission issue and causes significant damage and places stress to the engine.

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