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Honda is one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world. However, certain Honda vehicles have issues with the automatic transmission. These issues are due to recent changes in auto transmission designs. These design changes brought about major issues due to which Honda even had to recall certain vehicles. Most of these issues are quite minor but they transformed into major ones because they were ignored initially. Of course, no one expects even minor issues with a brand-new transmission. Let’s look at three cars manufactured by Honda that had transmission problems:

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars by the company. However, certain models of this superb car had transmission issues. Although the transmission issues were not major, they did cause immense problems for customers. This is because these transmission issues were untraceable. If the symptoms could be observed, the cause of theproblem was difficult to find. The symptoms included rough shifting and severe jerking when the car would stop. These were mostly solenoid problems. However, torque converter failures were also noticed when an Accord wouldn’t go into gear at all.

Honda Civic

The Civic had an issue with the second gear. This gear wasn’t getting enough lubrication. This caused the gear to shave off and leave metal bits in the fluid. These metal shavings would clog the fluid lines resulting in major issues. Unfortunately, this issue didn’t show any symptoms. It came to light when the transmission failed due to insufficient fluid circulation. This issue also resulted in gear teeth breaking and locking the transmission.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle. However, when Honda redesigned the Odyssey, there were some inconsistencies in the auto transmission. Customers complained that the auto transmission would shift harshly. There were times when the Odyssey would stop shifting gears at all. When you turn off the engine and turn it back on, it would begin shifting gears again. This caused immense inconvenience to customers.

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