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The Impala is an automobile produced by Chevrolet. It is one of the most popular cars under the Chevrolet brand. The 2004 model of the Impala featured a number of changes from its predecessors. Firstly, it had a front-wheel drive system. Also, it was introduced in two variants. The first had a 3.4-litre V-6 engine and the other a supercharged 3.8-litre V-6 engine for drivers who want extra power. The previous model Impalas were running on the 4L60E, but later models had a different transmission model. This was the reason that the 2004 Impala had serious issues with its transmission.

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Transmission Slipping 

The transmission of the Impala would cause a great deal of problems when shifting from second to third gear. The only gears that the transmission would shift properly were the reverse, first and second. The car would rarely make it to the third. It had to be driven for a good ten minutes before it would shift to the third gear. This is a rather dangerous issue when in high-speed traffic because the car won’t accelerate until the gears shift properly.

Stiff Gear Shifting

Often the gears would become extremely stiff and won’t shift easily. This issue was extremely common in the Impala’s transmission. The gears would also shudder while shifting up or down.

Stuttering While Accelerating

The car would often stutter during acceleration and would start vibrating intensely. This was a result of overheating of the transmission. It would leave small metal deposits in the transmission fluid which would cause the transmission to hesitate while accelerating.

Delayed Gear Shifting 

Another common issue with the Impala’s transmission was delayed gear shifting. It would keep riding in first or third and shift up after a long time. This problem was also seen in downshifting. 

Car Does Not Remain In Overdrive

The transmission would not remain in overdrive. It would randomly shift from overdrive to drive and then back. This was usually concurrent with the accelerator pedal. Once the driver would hit the gas and then let it go, it would shift from OD to D and then back.

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