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best transmission repair shop in charlotte ncTwin Automotive and Transmission Repair of Charlotte NC has been in the transmission rebuild and transmission repair business for over 30 years. There are many different types of transmisisons, and Twin Automotive has experience rebuilding them all. There are many things to consider when choosing a transmission repair shop for your transmission repair or rebuild. In this article, we go over the top tips for finding the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC:

1) Reputation
Transmission Repair is a highly specialized repair job. It is essential to choose a transmission repair shop in Charlotte that will not just do a good job, but also provide long lasting, quality service.The transmission repair shop needs to be able to ensure that your vehicle runs without a glitch and never breaks down on you. When looking for a transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, investigate several shops, ask for reviews or look online to see what customers are saying. What is this transmission repair shops reputation? Do people trust them? Do they have repeat customers?

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2) Price and Warranty
Price is always a factor to consider when pricing a transmission rebuild or transmission repair in Charlotte NC. Warranty is also an important factor that is mistakenly overlooked. Some transmission repair shops in Charlotte NC may offer the lowest price, but what is the warranty on the transmission rebuild or transmission repair? We offer Charlotte NC’s longest transmission rebuild warranty, can the other transmission repair shops you call say the same? When choosing your transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, don’t trust this extensive, specialized transmission repair to the lowest price that barely has a warranty. Transmission repairs are very extensive and most are not cheap. If a transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC gives you the lowest price, ask what is included in the transmission repair or transmission rebuild? Compare apples to apples what parts are being used, replaced, and what the transmission repair process is. Don’t jump to the lowest price because usually this means little or no warranty — leaving you coming back to spend more money on the same repair if it breaks down again.

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3) Subcontracted Transmission Work
There are many repair shops in Charlotte NC that do not do their own transmission repair work. Shops like this do not have the qualifications in transmission repair so they must subcontract out the repair job to another shop. Although many different industries have subcontractors, ask yourself what repair is really going to be performed if the repair shop does this? Typically freelance transmision repair ‘experts’ only help to inflate the cost of your repair bill and leave you with a lesser warranty. If a repair shop subs out your transmission repair, most likely you will never even know who performed the repair, where, or how well it was done. Its better to deal with a transmission repair shop directly. Here at Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair, we perform all transmission repairs and transmission rebuilds in our shop by our qualified technicians. If, at any time, you have questions about your transmission repair or would like to see how the process is going, you can visit inside our repair shop and see the work being performed yourself or speak directly to the transmission repair expert that is fixing your vehicle.

(See photos of transmission repair and transmission rebuilds performed in our shop)

When choosing the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC for your transmission repair or transmission rebuild, always consider the above three tips for making an educated decision. Always investigate the transmission repair shops reputation to ensure you are going to be treated properly. Please beware of low “too good to be true” prices, low warranties, and general repair shops that contract out their transmission repair work.

Do you have a transmission repair question or problem? Contact the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair. 704-821-3460

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