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When you are working on your transmission, you will definitely want to have the right jack to help you finish the job. Without the right tool for the job, you will find that you struggle much more than is really necessary. In order to know what transmission jack will work for you and your needs, you can look at the weight (poundage) that the jack can hold, whether it is low or high lift, if it is horizontal or vertical, the foot pedal or lever for raising and lowering, and what type of vehicle the jack is best fit for.

Weight, or poundage, that it lifts

One of the biggest considerations you need to have when you are looking at transmission jacks will be how much weight, or poundage, the jack will be able to lift. Some of the more popular jacks you see will be able to support from anywhere between 450 and 3000 pounds, though you will be sure to find varying amounts.

Horizontal or vertical jack

Another consideration you will need to have is whether or not you want a horizontal or vertical jack. This simply determines how the jack stands. If you want a jack that stands up straight and simply needs to be placed underneath a lifted vehicle, you will want to look at vertical jacks. If you want the jack to lift as a typical floor jack would, you will want to look at the horizontal transmission jacks.

Foot pedal or lever

All transmission jacks run on hydraulic power so you will have to be able to manually work this system. The jacks that you will be looking at will have either a lever or a foot pedal that will allow you to raise the jack. They work equally the same, you will just need to decide if you would prefer to crank the lever with your arms or press the pedal with your foot.

Use for which vehicle type

Many different kinds of jacks are able to lift the different size vehicles that you may work on. For example, there are jacks that are strictly for small cars and trucks while others are built to lift the heavier duty trucks. When you are looking to rent or buy a transmission jack, you will need to be sure that you are choosing the jack that will allow you to lift the vehicle that you will be working on; if the jack is too small or its capabilities are not enough, you will be unable to complete the job without further complications.

In the end, a transmission jack is a transmission jack and it will get the job done. However, depending on what job you want and need to complete, the brand name you decide to go with, the quality of the jack, and what the jack is qualified to do will help you determine which jack is best suited for your purposes. If you have questions or concerns, consult the retailer for specifications and customer reviews of the product.