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Some may wonder what the difference between a transmission overhaul and a transmission rebuild. Well, the truth is that they are the same thing. Mechanics might use this lingo and these terms because they are one in the same. So you may be wondering what exactly a transmission rebuild is? It’s simply occurs when someone decides to take an old transmission apart and rebuild it by replacing parts and making it work well again. A mechanic or handy and skilled person can take apart every piece if a transmission and clean the parts thoroughly and afterwards, reassemble it. There are a few things you should keep in mind when rebuilding your transmission.


Disassemble and Clean

This may seem like the most basic and obvious step but it is important to go over because it is often overlooked. Cleaning each of the parts that are disassembled assures that when it is time to put the parts back together makes sure that everything is properly renewed. Sometimes, old grease buildup and dirt can cause more problems than older parts. This will also allow you to avoid the costs that accompany buying new parts because once you properly clean the parts that you already have, if they are still in great condition they should work without flaw.


The Items to Replace

Although all of the parts aren’t replaced, the majority of them are. When rebuilding a transmission, depending on the age of the vehicle parts and the amount of wear or condition that they are in, a lot of them will need to be replaced. Things like the clutch plates, gaskets, and sealing rings are all things that most mechanics get rid of and replace for several reasons. Some of these parts are only to be used for a short period and they may need to be switched out eventually regardless of whether or not a reassembly is taking place.


The Cost to Rebuild

The amount of money it takes to rebuild a transmission is usually what determines whether or not it can and should be done. Most people do it as a necessity or when the well-being of their car depends on a rebuilt transmission. Other might do it just for the sport. Either way, rebuilding a transmission may cost you anywhere from three thousand to four thousand dollars for a complete rebuild you should consider this when looking at your options. It can sometimes cost about a thousand dollars less if you are looking to get it repaired. Depending on the condition of your car, considering your financial options is something that can save you money.


The steps required to disassemble and reassemble a car’s transmission can be very tedious and sometimes complicated. Making sure that whoever rebuilds your transmission is someone who is skilled and professional can guarantee that your car will be good to go in the end. Although there are ways to do it yourself, having a professional do it is much better and safer, especially if the well being of your car depends on it.