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check engine light charlotte ncAround Charlotte NC there are several local auto parts stores that offer a free code scan or check engine light diagnosic test. We’ve heard many stories from customers that opt for this free option so they can self-fix their auto problem. When you take your vehicle in to a local auto parts store for a Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test, they will scan your check engine light and give you what “code” is signaling that check engine light to come on. We have seen many customers get the run around by replacing several different parts recommended by these local auto part stores, but not being able to fix what caused this auto problem.

As an example, lets say you bring your vehicle down to the local auto parts store and they scan your check engine light. They may tell you that your car has a code 302. A code 302 is a “Cynlinder 2 miss fire”. Then they may tell you that to fix this problem, you need to change your spark plugs, since this is a possible cause for the code. Then, realising that you may be able to change the spark plugs yourself, you take their advice, purchase the spark plugs, go home and take the rest of your afternoon to put the spark plugs in. Afterwards, everything appears to have fixed your problem, until the next morning on your drive to work. Your check engine light appears again. So, what do you do? You go back to the store that sold you these spark plugs and tell them it didn’t fix the problem. The guy at the counter checks your car again, reads the same code 302 and tells you that he thinks you need to put new wires on the car and that should solve the code problem. So, again, you buy the parts suggested, go home, and spend a few hours installing them yourself. What happens? This still does NOT fix the check engine light that keeps coming on. When all is said and done, you have spent a lot of time going back and forth to this auto parts store, spending money on parts that don’t fix your car.

So what do you do next? You start calling auto repair shops, explaining what has happened to you and your car, what you have done so far — spending money on different parts suggested by the auto parts store and wasting your time. Some shops will say different things that may be possibly wrong with your car, but the best way to find out the solution to your problem is to take it to a repair shop that will actually check your vehicle for the problem and solution, not just read a code. After you bring your vehicle in, they check your vehicle to find out the code 302 is being caused by no power to the number 2 fuel injector and that is causing the misfire. You schedule the work to be done, realising the time and parts you already spent was a complete waste at the local auto parts store.

Lesson to be Learned

What you have to remember is that local auto part stores in Charlotte NC and surrounding SELL AUTO PARTS. They are not staffed by qualified technicans that can diagnose your car the right way. They WANT to sell you numerous parts and tools so you can ‘fix’ your auto problem, but keep coming back. In most cases, the people staffed have had no experience working on vehicles, diagnosing problems, and are reading you what parts to buy from the store’s suggested computer directory.

The best way to find the solution for your auto problem is to have the check engine light diagnosed by qualified, certified technicians with proper scanners and tools. With the proper shop equipment, your auto problem can be diagnosed quickly and properly. Here at Twin Automotive, we diagnose check engine lights all the time, free of charge with repair. We can diagnose your auto problem quickly and tell you what we can do to repair the car the right way, the first time — without you having to spend money and time guessing at a solution.