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The Honda Accord was one of the first Japanese cars to be produced in the United States. Due to its luxurious feel and durable engine, the Accord gained popularly amount the masses. The car is available in both automatic and manual transmissions. The 2004 Accord had issues with the automatic transmission variant much like its predecessor.

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Worn-out Gears

The 2004 Honda Accord had the same transmission problems as the previous model. The gears were not getting enough lubrication, leading to intense friction. Due to the lack of lubrication, the gears would produce metal shavings that got mixed with the transmission fluid. Over time the shavings would make their way into the fluid lines and choke them. Once the lines were clogged the inflow of fluid would stop and cause further damage to the transmission.

Extensive Heating 

Another issue with the transmission was overheating. The gears n the Accord were not built to withstand excessive heat. The overheating would cause the gears to expand rapidly to the point where their teeth would break off. The broken teeth are dangerous, especially if they broke off on the highway. The teeth would either choke the fluid lines or worse, get stuck between the other gears.

This caused a transmission lock that would not allow the car to move at all. This was a grave concern because if the transmission locked while driving, it would be exactly like slamming on the breaks at top speed. The unsuspecting driver tailing the 2004 Accord would not know that the car is stopping, increasing the risk of a potentially fatal collision.

Vibration and Humming

The transmission would start humming and vibrating, usually when accelerating or driving uphill. This was because the transmission was not able to withstand the power generated by the engine.

Honda tried to resolve the transmission issues by recalling the 2004 Accord. However, they only fixed the lubrication issue and modified the transmission’s design. Unfortunately, the modifications made were not effective.

If you are having these transmission problems in your 2004 Accord, it is best to have it rebuilt rather than repaired. Rebuilding the transmission may cost more but it will extend the transmission’s life and give you peace of mind.

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