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The Civic is a line of compact cars manufactured by the Japanese automobile giant Honda. The car is available in many models, including a three-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. The Civic is a luxury compact car and is quite economical. However, the 2001 model Honda Civic had a few issues with its automatic transmission.

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Intense Friction Caused By Insignificant Gear Lubrication

One of the major issues with the transmission of the 2001 Civic was the intense friction in the gears. The gears were not getting enough lubrication and this caused extreme friction. When the gears would spin, they would emit shavings. These shavings would then get mixed into the transmission fluid and stick to the fluid lines causing them to jam. Once the fluid lines got jammed, the entire transmission would not get any lubrication.

When Honda found out about this issue with the 2001 Model Civic, they tried rectifying it by modifying the design. A special oil spray jet was installed to provide extra lubrication to the affected gears. However, this did not help much and customers still had many complaints about failing Civic transmissions. Some of these transmissions required replacements.

Excessive Heat Generated By Gears

Another issue in the 2001 Civic’s auto transmission was overheating. The Civic’s transmission would heat up way beyond the normal level and cause the gears to expand beyond their capacity. As a result the gear teeth would chip and fall inside the bell housing. This not only affected the operation of the gears, but they often made their way into the fluid lines. Chipped gear teeth in the fluid lines would affect the fluid inflow. In addition, the broken teeth would sometimes get stuck in the other gears causing a lock. This problem was extremely dangerous as a transmission lock on the highway could prove to be fatal. Honda addressed this issue by installing the lubrication jet.

Improper Gear Shifting

The 2001 Civic’s transmission was also not strong enough. The transmission would shudder and make excessive humming sounds when driving uphill or at high speeds.

If you own a 2001 Honda Civic, keep an eye out for these issues. If these issues are not repaired in time, they may result in a major problem. Costly transmission repairs can be avoided by bringing your vehicle in at the first signs of a problem. Call us today to schedule a free transmission diagnosis or for a free transmission repair estimate.