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The transmission fluids should be regularly inspected and changed because dirty and old fluids lead to difficult gear shifting. This is especially visible in the winter months, when the transmission is colder. Transmission fluid leaks are a common problem in the transmission system. Due to the vehicle usage, the inside seals of the transmission may become weary and faulty. Sometimes the transmission fluid can also be contaminated and that can lead to many problems. In some cars with problems with the radiators, there are examples of radiator coolant leaking directly in the transmission. In these cases the transmission fluid must be replaced completely.

Most of the car manufacturers are recommending the intervals for the fluid change in the transmission and those should be strictly followed by every car owner. If you do not know when to change the transmission fluid or when was the last time the fluid was changed, a good indicator for the fluid quality is the color of the fluid. Fresh, new fluids have bright red or bright green color which eventually becomes black over time. If the transmission fluid is black then you should definitely replace it with a new one. It is normal for the fluid to get black over time, but you should know the difference between different black colors of normal usage and of transmission fluid that requires a change. If the transmission fluid is black and you cannot remember when was the last time it got changed, then it`s better to change it just in case to avoid possible problems and expensive repairs.

There are a couple of ways for changing of the transmission fluid. The easiest and probably the best way for changing is to visit a car service shop and leave that to the professional workers there. The car experts have the proper experience and knowledge on how to do it easily and without any problems. Of course, you can try and change it yourself but you should follow some measures before doing it. There is no particular or specific rule on how to change the transmission fluid. The change of the transmission fluid differs from brand to brand and it also depends from the model of the car. However, there are some essential tips and rules that can be applied to the majority of the car models. First, you need some equipment and spare parts in order to do the change procedure in the proper way. This includes having a fluid filter, transmission fluid, funnel, gasket cap for drainage of the fluid, transmission gasket, hand pump, transmission fluid filter and a container for the waste fluid. Car manufacturers usually prescribe the type of transmission fluid that you should use.

Before you start the procedure for changing the fluid you need to park the car on a flat surface and pull the parking brake. Keep the wheels locked and use gloves and goggles for safety. You can start changing the transmission fluid as soon as the transmission and the car engine have cooled down.