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The Honda Odyssey is without a doubt a great vehicle. It is fuel-efficient and economical to maintain. However, the transmission of the Odyssey had some major manufacturing defects. These defects caused a lot of problems for the individuals who purchased the vehicle. Here is a list of the most common transmission issues with the Honda Odyssey:

Fluid Overheating

The Odyssey had a major issue of the transmission fluid overheating. Due to this, the internal components would not get enough lubrication and cooling, resulting in transmission failure.

No Pick-Up

This was mainly due to the failure of the solenoids in the transmission. The car would lag and have low power during pick-up.

Vibrations during Shifts

Extreme vibrations and shuddering could be felt throughout the vehicle when the transmission would shift gears. A short while after this problem was noticed, the transmission would cease to function.

Grinding In Reverse

When the car was started and put in reverse, it would not engage. After a while it would engage with a loud grinding noise.

Downshift Failure

There were many issues reported regarding an Odyssey transmission not downshifting. There could be a variety of reasons for this.

Gear Slipping

Gear slipping involves failure to provide sufficient power or downshifting randomly. This was a common issue with the Odyssey.

Lubrication Failure

The second gear would not get sufficient lubrication due to which it would fail. The only option to fix this issue was a transmission rebuild.

Clogged Fluid Lines

The shavings from internal components due to lack of lubrication would get stuck in the fluid lines and choke the lines. Once the fluid was not flowing freely, the transmission would fail.

Gear Shaving

The second gear was not getting enough lubrication due to which it would produce shavings. Moreover, the gear would also overheat, causing a variety of other issues.

Transmission Lock

This is one of the most dangerous issues with the Odyssey. Due to insufficient lubrication the gear tooth would break off. This tooth could get stuck in the transmission components, causing a lock.

If you own a Honda Odyssey, keep a look out for the abovementioned transmission issues. Do you have a transmission problem with your Honda Odyssey? With over 30 years experience repairing and rebuilding Honda Odyssey transmissions, let the experts help you get your vehicle running like new again. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate.