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How do I decide to repair or replace my transmission?
Charotte’s Best Transmission Repair Shop explains why to Repair it, not Replace it.

OK so you know for sure that you have a transmission problem because you’ve read the top signs for a transmission repair. But now what? A lot of what you read online or what you are being told can suggest to either rebuild the transmission or to replace it.
Which is the best option? What costs less? What repair option is quicker or less hassle?


Transmission Rebuild: The cost to rebuild your transmission can vary depending on what make and model vehicle you have. Prices can range anywhere between $1000 – $3000 or so depending on the parts and labor for your rebuild.

Transmission Replacement: A transmission replacement cost is determined first by the cost of the transmission. If it is used, prices could range anywhere between $300 – $1000, depending on the quality and where you get it from. Used transmissions can be found in junk yards or via the internet. After you find a transmission, you need to pay to have the transmission installed.
*Warning* Be careful when purchasing a used transmission online or even from local junk yards. When purchasing these transmissions, the transmission’s actual wear and tear, as well as mechanical history, is unknown. Purchasing a used transmission without knowing important history details could cost you to purchase another transmission down the road should that used transmission fail, or lead right back to a transmission rebuild.


Transmission Rebuild: We complete most transmission rebuilds in 1 – 3 days. The only things that push back a rebuild completion date is if additional parts need to be ordered or if there is a major holiday.

Transmission Replacement: Used transmissions, if bought online, can take up to 3 days – 1 week to be delivered. Then your vehicle must be brought to the shop and the transmission must be removed and then the new one installed.


Transmission Rebuild: The rebuild carries a warranty with the repair shop who rebuild the transmission. (Ex: We offer our Charlotte customers a 3 Year / Unlimited Mile / Nationwide warranty with all transmission rebuilds.

Transmission Replacement: Used transmissions typically come with little to no warranty since they are typically found in used vehicles.

Quality / Condition

Transmission Rebuild: When your transmission is rebuilt, the entire unit is disassembled. Each part is removed, cleaned and inspected for wear and tear, and then parts are replaced. The unit is rebuilt with new working parts, bands, gaskets, seals and more. The transmission is restored to a ‘like new’ condition.

Transmission Replacement: Used transmissions are typically found in junk yards. Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on a used transmission, having it installedma, then discovering a few thousand miles later that it needs to be rebuilt. The quality of a used transmission cannot be compared to a rebuilt transmission since the actual mileage and mechanical condition cannot be assessed due to its unknown history.

Still trying to decide if a used transmission or transmission rebuild is right for you?
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