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transmission repair diagnosis charlotte ncIf you think you are having a transmission problem you should have your vehicle checked by a transmission specialist, even before you price around for a specific transmission repair or rebuild. The repair you may think you need cannot always be diagnosed over the phone or over the internet. In many cases, a visual inspection or computer test needs to be performed to properly diagnose your auto or transmission problem.

The biggest issue to understand, before you go shopping around for a price on a transmission repair or transmission rebuild, is that transmission problems can be tricky. When you try to explain your transmission problem over the phone, it can sometimes be very hard to provide a firm estimate on the transmission repair. There are many types of auto problems that resemble transmission repair issues but really may not involve the transmission.

Ways We (Charlotte’s Transmission Repair Specialists)
Check Your Transmission for Repair:

1) Road Test
A road test will test the car or truck to see what the transmission does while driving. This is one of the best tests a transmission specialist can perform because it shows the transmission specialist firsthand what you, the drive, have been experiencing.  A road test will show the transmission repair specialist how all the gears are working and the transmission repair specialist can then check for noises from the transmission. Our professional transmission specialists can drive your vehicle with you so you can point out your specific concerns.

2) Lift Check
The second way to check the transmission for repair is the lift check. This involves rising the vehicle inside the shop on the car lift. The vehicle is then checked for any transmission fluid leaks and other forms of visual inspections of the underside of the vehicle. Our shop has several lifts for transmission inspections, diagnosis, and auto repairs, ready to service your repair needs.

3) Computer Scan Test
The computer scan test will scan and check the car’s internal computer for codes. These codes called “trouble codes” will signal to the transmission specialist where the problem in your vehicle may be. A computer scan test is always good to do even if there are no check engine lights (or other dashboard lights) on at the time.  It is always good to check the computers because there may be an engine code that can make it seem like you have a specific problem, such as a transmission problem. We use state of the art transmission and computer diagnostic equipment to give you the best diagnosis results in Charlotte NC.

You should always have your vehicle checked whenever you think you may have any form of auto problem. A simple computer scan diagnosis, visual inspection, or a road test can save you lots of time and headaches from a mechanic that improperly diagnoses your situation over the phone. When these real life tests are performed on your vehicle, you get proper diagnosis and the right repair. So before pricing around for a transmission repair or transmission rebuild, we urge you to bring your vehicle in for a transmission diagnosis.

Please contact us at 704-821-3460 or send us an email to schedule a transmission diagnosis.