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In order to operate, every car needs power transferred from the engine to the wheels. The transmission`s role is to transfer that power. Automatic car transmissions include hydraulic systems, mechanical systems, computer controls and electric systems, all connected and operating together. The basic transmission parts are the housing, gear, filter and fluid.

Many times the car has to climb on hills while moving at slow speeds. The change of the power in which the car is moving is done by the car’s transmission. The transmission control module is what controls the transmission. This module is located on the engine`s rear side and is an integral and important part of the transmission system.

Shifting of the gears is done by the transmission control module thanks to the information it receives from the car engine. Depending from the received signals from the sensors, it directs the signals to the clutch in order to make the necessary transmission changes. The clutch is the mechanism that regulates the fuel usage and the power production in order to maintain car efficiency.The computerized transmission control module has the ability to remember information in its internal memory and use it for proper gear adjustment, according to the different types of terrain where the car is being driven. The module works in sync with the engine in order to save more car fuel and bring the advantage of engine productivity and efficiency. It is very important for the transmission control module to work in perfect condition, if the car is used in a normal, regular way. In case if it’s malfunctioning or has some defect, then you must know what are the symptoms of a damaged transmission control module.

One of the most accurate ways to know that the transmission control module is not working properly is to see whether there is some sort of delay in acceleration of the car when you press the pedal for acceleration. If there is any delay, then it is advisable to visit auto repair shop and have your complete transmission system examined by the professionals. Another accurate symptom of malfunctioning is when you shift the gear and put it in drive mode your car will produce a sound like the car is still in the neutral mode. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms or both of them, then you should go to a mechanic and leave your car for full examination of the transmission system. TUNNEL_2

When you take your car to a car service for examination, the professional mechanic will use a computer to determine the problem. If there is any defect in the transmission control module, then you must replace it. You can buy the replacement module in auto parts shop or at your car dealer. You also have an option to buy it online. However, no matter where you buy it you must let the trained mechanics to replace it and install it in your car.