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There are lots of different parts inside the car that, when connected together, allow the car to run and operate smoothly and efficiently. The car transmission is an essential part, the heart of the car. The transmission is connected to the car engine and it ensures that the wheels and the engine are in a perfect synchronization with each other.

The car transmission has numerous different functions. Without transmission, engine power cannot be transferred in the wheels, and the car could not operate. A big level of precision is required for this power transfer, as different car engines operate by different optimal ranges of revolutions per minute. The transmission has a beneficial purpose to keep everything in proper balance in the car.

Additionally, the car transmission has many other helpful purposes. In order for the transmission to work properly, its different small parts must be interconnected and operated together. The sensors which are found inside of the transmission are monitoring and recording everything, starting from the pedal position, the load of the engine to the vehicle speed. Sensors monitor everything in order for the gear shifting process to run properly. In some occasions, some of the advanced transmission computers are even allowing the possibility for an instant switch between manual and automatic control of the car transmission.

The design and the location of the transmission may be different in different cars, depending on the wheel drives. Some cars have four-wheel drive, and some cars have front or rear-wheel drive. For example, cars with front-wheel drive have a transmission called transaxle, which is connected around the engine on the driver`s side and is attached directly to the front axle. The transmission in cars with rear-wheel drive extends from the back side of the engine in direction towards the rear wheels. It connects to the shaft that is attached to the rear axle.

Beside the transmission sensors, the transmission gear set is also a very important part of the transmission. The gear set allows the gears to shift reverse and forward. Shifting gears in cars with manual transmission is allowed by the gear system in a configuration with the output and input shafts. The main part of this gear set is the wide gear ring inside, which is consisted of four smaller gears.

The torque converter is a transmission part which allows the engine to keep working even when the car is not moving. The torque converter consists of three important parts – the turbine, the stator, and the pump.

When the engine is engaged into work, the transmission fluid gets transferred from the pump over the turbine and then inside the stator. If the power of the fluid which enters the turbine slows down, then the stator gets locked until the turbine speed rises up again.

As you can see, the car transmission can be operated in lots of different ways for many different purposes. The car transmission plays a vital role inside the cars, so every car owner must pay a lot of attention to it and provide proper maintenance.