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If you happen to be a car owner, then a good thing to do is to have a yearly checklist of keeping your car in good condition and maintain proper transmission maintenance. You have to do regular checkups if you want your car to function as it should and to work as smooth as possible. Many things inside the car are dependant from the transmission. Most important thing of the transmission is to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. Without proper functioning of the transmission, the car cannot operate as it is supposed to.

Some small research in the transmission can help you to easily and quickly perform transmission checkup once a year. Here are some general tips on how to maintain good function of your car transmission.

  • If you own a car with manual transmission always pay attention on how the clutch works and whether it runs smoothly. Another important indication of possible problems is the feel and the sound while you shift gears. If you hear some noise or if changing of gears becomes hard, then you should immediately visit an auto repair shop.
  • Read the car manual for information on how often you should check your transmission and what you should do in a given situation. The manual will give you the exact and correct method for proper transmission maintenances for your car model. If you do not have a car manual, then you can search this information on the internet.
  • Always take your car on a regular annual car service. The general rule of thumb is to take your car to a service after you have passed over twenty-five thousand kilometers or depending on your car. Follow the recommended dates from the car manufacturer about when to take your car to a service.
  • Check the transmission fluid regularly. The fluid reservoir is usually located at the upper left side of the car engine and you or your car mechanic can change it when necessary. If the transmission fluid is black and has a burning smell then it is time for a change.
  • Never apply the emergency brake while the car is in reverse or while the car is in drive, as this will put big and additional pressure on the gears. Also, you should never immediately shift directly from reverse to a drive mode. You must allow some rest of the gears before you go into drive mode.
  • Avoid driving your car in extreme weather conditions, like heat or extreme cold. The transmission can be overheated and worn out quickly if you constantly drive in a heavy traffic, while towing or if you aggressively shift gears.
  • Always pay attention and seek information about your specific car model. Many of the car manufacturers usually group the similar car models under one category. It is advisable for you to consult your car manufacturer about the specifics of your car, and learn everything about the car transmission and how the car operates.