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Twin Charlotte specializes in transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions in Charlotte NC. There are many things that can cause your transmission to fail — worn parts, improper driving, age of the vehicle, mileage on the transmission and more — but there are some vehicles that are more prone to transmission problems than others.

Here are 3 vehicles that most commonly have transmission problems: 

Honda Accord

The Accord is a luxury sedan manufactured by Honda Motor Company Ltd. The Accord features a luxurious drive and top of the line features. Unfortunately, the later models of the Honda Accord had a major design flaw with their automatic transmission. The Accord had problems with gear shifting, transmission lock up and premature transmission failure. Transmission failure in the Honda Accord was the result of improper lubrication of gears. Due to this, the gears would grind together and leave residue in the transmission bell housing.

The residue from the gears would choke the transmission fluid lines. Once the transmission does not get proper lubrications and cooling, it would result in a failure. This problem was not limited to the Honda Accord; similar design flaws were noticed in the Honda Odyssey as well.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan which was introduced in 1994. This minivan is perfect for a large family and features a luxurious drive combined with superb fuel economy that is unlike any other vehicle of the same type. Like the Accord, the Odyssey had an issue with its transmission design. 

One issue with Odyssey’s transmission was with the ball bearing used in the assembly. Secondly, the gears were not getting proper lubrication. The weak ball bearing had a tendency to shatter within the bell housing. This would clog the fluid lines and the gears would not get proper lubrication. As a result, the gears would heat-up immensely and crack the gear teeth. 

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a Sports Utility Vehicle. The Explorer is known for its comfort on and off the road. However, with the luxury that Ford offered with its Explorer came a manufacturing defect with its transmission. The Explorer’s automatic transmission had an overheating and a solenoid failure issue. Overheating of gears was a serious problem as the gear teeth would break resulting in a transmission lock. On the other hand, if the solenoid within the transmission failed, it would not shift gears at all.

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