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A complete transmission failure is costly to repair. You may even need a transmission rebuild or replacement. On the other hand, you can simply keep a check on your transmission for any abnormalities.

Once you get the slightest indication of failure, you need to call us (704-821-3460) to get it fixed. Do not avoid having your transmission repaired — small problems easily can evolve into larger ones if left ignored.

Here are five signs that you may want to keep a lookout for:

The Color of Your Transmission Fluid or Burning Smell from Fluid

The transmission fluid color should be red. You need to keep checking your transmission fluid weekly to ensure it still has life. If the fluid is off color or has a burning smell, you need to get it checked. The discolored fluid may result in a future transmission failure. 

Vibration While Accelerating or Grinding Noise

Severe vibration when accelerating the car is another sign of potential transmission failure. At the first sign of vibration or any grinding noise from your vehicle’s transmission, you need to get it checked. If such a problem is ignored, it will eventually turn into a costly repair.

Slipping Of Gears

If the gears are slipping as you drive, you may need to get the transmission fluid replaced. On the other hand, this may be an indication of a bigger failure. Either way, the best course of action is to get help from a renowned transmission mechanic. 

Fluid Leak

Fluid leaks of any kind from a car have the potential to be dangerous, so you should prevent them. The leaking fluid may be the water from the radiator or fluid from the car’s hydraulic clutch or even transmission fluid. If you notice any kind of fluid leak in your car, you may want to get it checked immediately.

Your Vehicle Does Not Go In Gear

If you put your vehicle into gear and the engine is revving but your car does not move, the transmission of your car has failed. This generally happens at the later stages and you may have had previous warning signs. At this point, you would probably require a transmission rebuild or replacement.

Do you have any of the problems mentioned above? Contact us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate, or free diagnosis of your auto problem.