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The 6T70 transmission is a successful transmission developed by General Motors and Ford. This transmission has been used in several vehicles since it was manufactured. The performance of this transmission is great and it delivers a smooth drive. Like all transmissions, the 6T70 had some issues which occurred frequently. These issues if looked at in time are an easy fix. However, if ignored they would end up turning into an expensive transmission rebuild. Let’s look at five of the most common problems with the 6T70 transmission:

Transmission Fluid Overheating

The transmission fluid overheating was a great concern amongst car owners. The 6T70 transmission’s fluid overheats and the fluid loses its viscosity. This means that the fluid would not lubricate the internal components the way it is supposed to and cause damage to the parts. One reason for this issue is overflowing the transmission fluid level. However, adding an external transmission cooler also solved the problem.

Hesitation in Pick-up

At times the 6T70 transmission would hesitate in pick-up. The vehicle would accelerate slowly and gain momentum eventually. However, this could be problematic in heavy traffic. This is an issue with the planetary gears as they don’t form proper gear ratios. A transmission repair is the only option.

Shuddering While Shifting

Severe shuddering while shifting indicates a broken gear tooth. The gear tooth would break due to overheating of the transmission and improper lubrication. To prevent this you can add an external transmission cooler. However, if the shuddering has started already, a transmission rebuild is the best bet.

Shuddering In Reverse Gear

Extreme shuddering was also noticed by some customers who drove a car with the 6T70 transmission. This shuddering was only noticed when the reverse gear was applied. On forward gears the car would drive smoothly. The resolution to this is to replace the Wave Plate.

Transmission Won’t Downshift

During long drives the transmission would not shift down from the fourth or fifth gear. Once cooled the transmission would work normal and do the same again after a long journey. This issue could also be caused by the 35 R Wave Plate and the transmission would require repairs.

So, if you experience any of these issues with your 6T70 transmission, contact us immediately! As 6T70 Transmission repair experts, we have seen your transmission problem before and can take care of it immediately.