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If you believe that your vehicle has transmission problems, then it is imperative that you do something about it. Especially because transmission problems can be extremely costly, you need to be sure that your transmission is working at its absolute best at all times. Thus, you need to keep in mind certain warning signs for your transmission. The moment you identify transmission problems, you need to get them checked out immediately. Below are a few of the most common warning signs of transmission problems.

Slipping gears

Have you noticed that when you are driving down the highway that your vehicle feels as if it is having difficulties shifting into a gear? If so, then you certainly have a problem with your transmission. Whether you notice that your transmission is falling out of a gear when driving, shifts to different gears for no reasons, or even jerks when the gear is shifted, this is definitely a warning that you need to take your transmission into your local auto repair shop for repairs.

Shifting feels difficult

If your vehicle is having a difficult time shifting into a gear – especially if you notice that it is grinding when shifting – then you need to get it checked out. On manual transmissions, this will sounding like a grinding sound, while on automatic transmissions, this will cause the automobile to shake. The problem could be that the clutch is simply worn, or the issue could be more dire (such as a transmission failure). In any case, get it checked out immediately!

Strange noises

One of the biggest warning signs of transmission problems is when the vehicle begins to make strange noises from within. If you hear buzzing, whining, or clunking noises that sound strange, get it checked out. Especially if the noise persists while the car is in neutral, it is vital that you have this checked immediately in order to avoid catastrophe. Not only are the noises annoying, but if ignored, the consequences could be expensive, dire, and time consuming (and nobody wants that).

Cloudy transmission fluid

Notice a burnt smell combined with cloudy transmission fluid? Then you may have transmission problems on your hands. Transmission fluid is supposed to have a bright, red tint to it combined with a sweet smell. If it appears dark and smells burnt, your transmission is trying to tell you that it needs serviced. Obey its request and take it to a trusted auto repair professional and save yourself some trouble that could have been easily avoided if you had been proactive.

Transmission fluid leaks

Speaking of the tint of transmission fluid, if you spot bright red fluid underneath your automobile, it means that you have a transmission fluid leak that needs to be checked immediately. While a leak does not mean that your transmission is necessarily failing, if you ignore it, this will definitely lead to damage down the road. Be proactive: get it checked immediately, and save yourself the grief later.