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Transmission problems can be a car owner’s worst nightmare. Whether it is a simple lag while shifting a manual transmission or a complete transmission failure, any transmission can prove to be a serious one if left unchecked. Though transmission malfunctions can be experienced no matter what model or make a vehicle is, they can be more common is certain ones over others. For example, one vehicle has is notorious for its transmission issues is the 2013 Ford Focus. Many consumers experienced a wide array of transmission issues from simple leaks to complete failures. Below is a list of more common transmission issues for the 2013 Ford Focus.

Winning or humming noise

Everyone dreads hearing an unfamiliar sound emanating from their vehicle, especially when you have no idea as to what could be causing it. Also, it is very difficult task to pinpoint the exact cause of what is causing the uncanny noise. Every vehicle is built differently and will emit different sounds when something in the vehicle is fishy, but if you have an automatic transmission a common sound to be on the lookout for is a winning or humming noise. If you have a manual transmission, however, you should be on the lookout for a clunking sound when shifting between gears for this could indicate a transmission malfunction.

Grinding noise when shifting

When a vehicle is functioning normally it will not experience any shaking or jerking—it will just simply run smoothly. If your 2013 Ford Focus is experiencing such issues, then it suggests that there is a problem with the gears. If your manual transmission is emitting a grinding noise, or you experience a grinding feeling, when you shift gears, you are most likely experiencing an issue with the transmission of your 2013 Ford Focus. Having your 2013 Ford Focus serviced as soon as possible when you hear or feel such a sensation can help combat a more severe problem with your vehicle’s transmission. Such a sensation after you engage the clutch and have shifted the gears could be a sign of the clutch needing to be adjusted or replaced.

Lag when shifting

If you have noticed an issue with your vehicle where it refuses or hesitates to go into gear, then there is definitely something wrong with the vehicle, and more than likely the transmission is the cause. Both automatic and manual transmission can experience this lag, or altogether lack of response when shifting gears. With manual transmission though, a vehicle can react slowly even if the engine sounds like it is up to speed. While this may be a simple indication of a clutch needing to be replaced it can also be a warning sign of a more serious problem.

Every vehicle is going to have its own set of issue and things that should be improved for the next model is released. What is important as a car owner is to be aware of the potential problems that are common with the vehicle you currently operate. If you are experiencing any issue with your 2013 Ford Focus you should take it to a trusted auto mechanic service, such as Twin Charlotte, and have it checked right away.

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