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Whether you’re shopping for a car or just trying to stay up to date on models and their reputations, it’s important to be familiar with the latest cars. Having knowledge on what cars showed signs of failure can ensure that your future purchases are made with ease and confidence. Buying a car is no small feat. You want to make sure that the car you choose will keep you and those around you safe. Before choosing a car, you should be fully aware of potential issues it may have. One issue that can be extremely dangerous on the road is a failed transmission. The 2006 Ford Explorer is one vehicle particularly prone to transmission failure. Read on to learn about transmission failure and how the 2006 Ford Explorer was affected.

What is Transmission Failure?

Transmissions are complex and extremely valuable components of vehicles. They keep your gears shifting safely. They convert torques and speeds along the drivetrain. They help maximize the efficiency of your car and keep it running safely. When your transmission is faulty, you can find yourself in a very dangerous situation. You may not be able to change gears. If you continue to push your car and force gear changes for an extended period of time, you could cause some permanent damage. If your transmission is faulty, you may also hear some grinding noises from the gears that cannot shift. This issue could make driving on highways very risky. Furthermore, if your transmission leaks and you lose fluid, you will have an extremely difficult time controlling your vehicle. Transmission faults are serious car defects that need to be addressed immediately.

Transmission Issues with the 2006 Ford Explorer

When you get a new car, you want it to run smoothly and be free of issues. Unfortunately, some cars have imperfections that can lead to serious problems on the road. For many drivers of the 2006 Ford Explorer, the transmission proved to be damaged. Some complained that the car would jerk around, making driving very difficult. Others experienced trouble shifting gears. Rebuilding transmitters can be costly, and if not done correctly the first time, can land you back in a mechanic’s shop. Unfortunately, Ford has not recalled this transmission despite the numerous accounts of its failing. If you have issued with your 2006 Ford Explorer transmission, consider going to and a reliable mechanic who can rebuild you one, rather than replacing it with the same Ford model. Using your warranty to get the same transmission could turn out to be only a temporary fix.

You should feel safe and confident driving your car. If you have a 2006 Ford Explorer and are worried about the status of its transmission, you’re not alone. You will want to seriously consider consulting with a mechanic who specializes in transmission repair to get their professional opinion on how to best address this issue. Though you may be on a budget, remember that you can’t put a price on safety. Having a safe, reliable transmission will be a worthwhile investment.

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