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When talking about your commute to work, you want to make sure that the ride that you have is a top notch, dependable ride that can allow you to make it to work in one piece and on time. A vehicle that will allow you not to worry about any problems because, honestly, that is the last thing that anyone wants. In life, things are complicated enough, we do not need anything like this to add to that.

Experts really cannot stake any claim into what can be a problem for a car because they themselves do not drive the car. They take advice if not just criticism and feedback from consumers that have had the worst luck with their vehicles. So, straight from the mouths of other consumers that have made the mistake you have, here are some current reports and reviews regarding transmission problems for a 2013 Dodge Caravan.

First and foremost, the biggest mistake you made was buying a Dodge Caravan. Sorry, that is personal. But from looking at graphs about complaints and average “best to worst” models, the older years for the Dodge Caravan were the worst but it looks like they are looking to improve their quality for you, the consumer.

Many consumers reported to feel thumps or jolts when they put the transmission into “drive”, while some reported jolts when they accelerated an even in braking. Now, while these don’t sound like your everyday transmission problems, these could be isolated incidents. But when more than one person reports the same problem, something’s got to give.

Transmissions failing and slipping are also a popular commodity for these models while on the flip side, some of the lesser complaints have involved clunking noises when they are shifting, the pump failing and/ or the gears being stuck. So there is an upside to this debacle. Being able to know that it is a lot more internal than something minor can show the defect being more of a manufacture’s defect and can be solved easily.

However, if you have ever had an experience like mine, where I have taken a car within warranty into a dealership and they decline assisting me, the client that is paying their hard earned money to keep them, then it is a bad joint to begin with.

In these cases, you have other options. If you have already experimented with that bad trip to the dealer, and would like to take your car into a shop that not only knows what they are doing, but an provide better professional treatment from our service crew and are definitely cheaper than the dealer’s prices, bring your car to us at Twin Charlotte for more information. Check out our website at www.twincharlotte.com and see what options and what other services we can offer you while you are here. Let us help you continue commuting with your 2013 Dodge Caravan to and from work without having that hassle of worrying if you are going to make it there or not. Call us today!