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transmission rebuild cost charlotte ncSo you know the symptoms of a transmission problem — gears aren’t shifting right, there may even be missing gears, or the car doesn’t even want to move.
Now what you do?
What is a Transmission Rebuild and what is the average transmission rebuild cost in Charlotte NC?

Twin Automotive, the Transmission King of Charlotte, is here to explain everything to you.

Transmission Rebuild – Diagnosis & Complaint

First off, you need to determine if the problem you have with your transmission even meets the requirements to have a transmission rebuild. There are some problems that involve more or less to do with the transmission. Many times automatic transmission diagnosis can be traced back to problems elsewhere on the vehicle. For example, recently I had a driver complain about banging when he put his vehicle into reverse and applied power to back out of his driveway.

Upon further inspection, his transmission problem was actually a broken transmission mount. Replacing the rubber mount solved the problem he was having. There was actually nothing wrong with the transmission itself.


As other examples problems can be caused by poor engine performance, problems in the hydraulic system, or even abuse resulting in overheating of the fluid. Mechanical malfunctions and electrical failures or even improper adjustments can also cause transmission problems. Here at Twin Automotive, we use state-of-the-art updated transmission diagnosing equipment, auto scanners, and computer software. This software, along with other pressure tests and mechanical tests allow us to properly determine the problem with your transmission and any other problems you may be experiencing with your vehicle. (We just don’t look at trouble codes, we inspect everything else too.)

Transmission Rebuild Prices and Cost Factors

So what determines the price of my transmission rebuild in Charlotte NC? With the advent of more sophisticated computer technology in automobiles, the transmission is more complex than ever. A Transmission Rebuild involves removing the transmission from your vehicle, draining and disassembling the entire unit, cleaning and visually inspecting each part, replacing broken or damaged parts, adding new transmission fluid, and rebuilding the unit.

The total price of your transmission rebuild in Charlotte nc may vary depending on the internal problems there may be in your transmission. During the transmission rebuild process, there are basic parts that are replaced automatically, such as seals and gaskets, but if you have broken gears or ‘hard parts’ that need to be replaced, the cost will be affected.

Also involved in the total price will be the cost of labor involved to remove, tear down, rebuild and reassemble, and reinstall the transmission. Most vehicles require a specific amount of labor hours, so this is not a cost that should change from the initial estimate, unless another problem is uncovered that requires additional time.

A transmission rebuild cost could range anywhere between $1500 –  $4000, depending on your type of transmission and how extensive the damage may be.

Call us today for your transmission rebuild cost and price. We can give you an exact figure for your rebuild and include Charlotte’s longest transmission rebuild warranty – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. Remember that most transmission problems start off small. If you have a transmission problem, have it checked out to prevent future damage and a most costly repair.

transmission rebuild cost charlotte nc