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Tire rotation involves changing the current arrangement of the tires in your vehicle. In most cases, the rear wheels are shifted to the front and the front wheels are installed in the rear slots. It may not seem like it, but this is an important maintenance exercise for your car. Moreover, you should rotate your tires at least every two months. If you use your car frequently or travel over a long distance every day, you should get the tires rotated once a month. Let’s look at why you should rotate your vehicles tires:

One of the main reasons for rotating tires is the wear pattern for tires. It is no rocket science that the tires that are powered by the engine undergo greater stress than the other ones. Moreover, the front wheels experience a different type of stress since they turn the vehicle. The rear wheels, on the other hand, remain stationary.

The wear pattern on rear wheel drive vehicles, front wheel drive vehicles and all wheel drive vehicles is different. Moreover, the wear ratio of all four tires in each type of vehicle is different. When you move the rear wheels to the front and the front ones back, it wears all four tires evenly. This is done to get the most out of the tires that are installed in your car.

If this is not done, two tires will wear out in a different manner and faster. Since two tires will be worn out more than the other two, it can compromise the vehicle’s road grip. During the rainy season or storms, you can lose control. Not to mention the extra money you will be spending on two sets of tires after a short period of time if you don’t rotate.

If you rotate the tires on a regular basis, all four tires will wear out evenly. This way, you can extend the useful life of your tires. You will have to replace all four tires when they get worn out, but it will be years before you need to do so.

If you are confused as to when you should have your vehicle’s tires rotated, contact us at Twin Transmission. We can help you with all your vehicle maintenance needs.